Rite Aid: Huggies Mega Diapers $4.32 ea.

So just incase you want more diapers, Rite Aid has got a deal for you!  Even without coupons these are worth a look!

Huggies Mega $8.99
use $3.00/1 Huggies Coupon (this has reset for some)
$5.99 each after coupon

Deal Idea:

Buy (3) Huggies Mega $26.97
use (3) $3.00/1 Huggies Coupon
use $5.00/$25.00 printable (use zip code 19549, 50 mile radius) or Video Values$5.00/$20.00
$4.32 each

Even better there is an SCR for Huggies:

Purchase Five (5) of Any Variety:
• Supreme Diapers, 20-76 ct.
• Snug & Dry Diapers, 23-96 ct.
• Pure & Natural Diapers, 20-33 ct.
• Overnites, 23-27 ct. and

and get a free pack. It is being reported that the free pack SCR goes through on just 3 packs for some, so you could potentially be paying just $3.24 each.

Don’t forget to print the 2 Huggies coupons here.

Now, this is a clearance deal, but my contact tells me that all stores will clearancing these through the end of June, so keep a look out. I found these outside of Philadelphia, so PA readers definitely should start checking this week.

Note: The clearance SKUs were just released this morning so many stores may not have them marked  clearanced yet. You may want to have them scanned to double check. I literally walked in when she was tagging them.

Update: Joel left a comment that Pampers are clearanced to. Sure enough, when I went back later today…

Also, Sharon left a comment that she received a $11.99 +UPRewards with her purchase. (if you are in a test area, the $11.99 UPR is still running) I tried it when I bought diapers for my sister in law, but no such luck for me, but still unbeatable prices!

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  • RA Cashier

    They’re just changing the mega packs to little boxes. They’ll fit better on the shelves and look neater. My store has them in, but we’re trying to sell through the clearance packs before doing the reset. No need to worry, RA will still have Mega packs, just in convenient little boxes!

  • RA Cashier

    FYI, All Luvs Mega packs are 50% as well! They all ring at $7.49. There’s a diaper reset that I’m pretty sure is company wide. They’re changing the packaging, and there’s no way to fit them out together so… CLEARANCE TIME!

  • The VV was on jumbo size only, these are mega. I wish!

  • Oh, and at the store he said they just don’t sell. No one buys that size, people want the smaller packages because there are always sales on them. Maybe they just aren’t happy with them taking up shelf space if they don’t sell.

  • I found them, too! One pack had a 50% off sign taped to it, but nothing noticeable. I bought 5 packs, plus was going to get a 40-ct size 1 if they were included. They weren’t, but the associate was so happy that I was buying so many, he discounted it 50% off, too, LOL! Here are some scenarios I came up with, but they will end tonight. Will have to work on a list for the upcoming week’s ad!

  • BelaBean

    I went to my RiteAid yesterday for the $5 off itunes gift card. Decided to look for those Clearance diapers…Could not find any. Asked an associate. She said there were some but they didn’t know where they were put. So I thought I would press it and ask the manager. The manager and assistant manager took me with my kids to their back room where there were 4+ carts of 50% off diapers. I grabbed 5 packs (including size 1 for my girls’ dolls.) You might want to ASK is you don’t see any. I grabbed Pampers and used my $1.50 off coupons from last weeks paper. At the register, I received 3 $1 rewards from Pampers on my reciept.

    • Shannon


      Woohoo.. Glad you decided to be persistent!

  • Jenna

    ok, i got some scoop on this whole deal!
    because of this posting, i went to our store and nothing was marked as you warned. the manager walked by and asked if i was finding everything ok, so i just went ahead and asked if she knew anything about the diapers being on clearance. she said she thinks there might have been something about that in her paperwork but hadn’t gotten to it yet. so since i was there and interested, she went and got the paperwork and just like a previous commenter said, it is ALL mega packs of diapers (all sizes), PLUS pull-ups (in select sizes) and underjams (in select sizes). there may have been one other kind of training pant, but i can’t remember. either way because of my inquiry she went ahead and filled up two grocery carts of diapers and put them right up front with the 50% off sign. and they went quickly as you can imagine.
    i talked with her at length about this and she said she isn’t certain as to why all the brands were on clearance for mega packs, but that she thinks she heard huggies is doing away with “supreme” and possibly “snug dry” and going to all “little movers”. again, can’t speak for pampers, luvs, underjams, etc., but it could be as another commenter said, that they could be doing away with mega packs all together. guess we will all just have to watch out at grocery stores to see if they follow suit.
    hope this is helpful to someone! =) if you are in need of pull-ups or underjams, it is definitely worth checking out at your store. happy saving!

    • Shannon


      Thanks for the scoop. :)

  • Mel

    Oh, and mine were right out front on a clearance table. Not back with the diapers.

  • Mel

    THANK YOU!!! You do not even want to know how many diapers I have bought today : ) I took my mom with me this morning and we each got 3 packs, she just went back and got 3 packs, and I plan on going this afternoon and getting at least 3 more. Not to mention the few I got at CVS. I don’t think I”ll need diapers ever again!!

    • Shannon


      Oh yes Mel I do want to know LOL.. woot!

  • Lauren Manzer

    finally got mine! hooray! :) only got 13 packs, ha ha ha

  • Sarah

    Thanks for the tip!! I went to my Rite Aid and did not see any Mega packs. Well, I was determined, LOL, and there were some hiding behind another size pack on the shelf. They were NOT marked, but they were on clearance! I got 4 packs, and used $15 worth of coupons…woohoo! I am in NC, FYI, so be sure to check at the register, yours might be on sale too!

    • Shannon


      Wooohooo Sarah. Being determined, love it :)

  • Aliza

    I think it’s better to buy the huggies in packs of two’s instead of 3s.
    My transaction today looked like this:

    2 Mega packs of Huggies $8.99 each
    2 packages of pampers wipes $2.49 each
    1 Clean and Clear facewash $5.12
    Used 2-$2/1 pampers wipes
    2- $3/1 Huggies
    1- $2/1 Clean and Clear from coupons.com
    1- $3/1 Rite aid clean and clear coupon
    $5/$25 Rite aid coupon

    I feel like the wipes and the face wash was cheap enough, the $5/$25 might as well be applied to the diapers and that would make them $3.49 each instead of $4.32

    I guess it’s all how we look at it.

    • Shannon


      The clean and clear from coupons.com only works on the stuff priced $7.49. There are plenty of scenarios that you can come up with, thats what the comments are for Aliza! Thanks for posting the idea.

  • Christi

    How did you get the up reward? Great deals!

  • Holly G

    My RA had them out on the wheelie carts, I bought 3 packs of the size that I need:) I’m thinking the companies are doing away with the mega packs & are going to do just jumbo & boxes. With CVS & RA both doing it, if Walmart does then we’ll know it the diaper companies are doing away with them & not the stores themselves.

  • Anna

    I left Rite Aid on cloud 9 this morning!
    I got:
    (4) Old Spice Body Wash
    (1) Fusion Razor
    (1) John Frieda
    (3) Mega Packs Huggies Diapers
    I spent:
    $13.18 (including tax) in store
    After my SCR’s clear, my TOP will be: $7.17!!!
    I am loving these diaper deals!!

    • Shannon


      woohoo anna!

  • Eva

    woops, actually 9.97. went a little too fast in my enthusiasm..

  • Eva

    Thanks Shannon, you rock! Here in the Harrisburg area…. all sizes are on sale and marked 50% off, as well as the Pampers and Luvs. I got 4 pkgs of huggies mega size 4 for 8.97, used three $3 coupons, plus the $5 off $25 and 11.99 up reward… woohoo!! Last week I rolled the 11.99 up reward 3 times, so I got plenty of diapers for my little guy. Between the CVS deal last week and Rite Aid last week and this week, I’m not going to have to buy diapers until around Xmas…

  • Mari

    I bought sizes 4 and 5, but I asked and all of the sizes are on sale. My twins are only 6 months old and already just about in size 4 with the little movers (size 3 in snug and dry and pampers) so I am stocking up big time.

  • Michelle

    I see the comment above (Mari) used a video value 5/20 and a 5/25 coupon.. is that correct, can you really do that or is it a ymmv??

    • Shannon


      Whoops I didn’t notice that, but no that is against policy.

  • Heather

    What sizes are you guys finding are on clearance? I’m stockpiling for our newbie due in 7 weeks, as well as size 4s for our toddler. Doubt I’ll ever need the 5s or 6s since we’re potty training and he’s tiny anyways. Are the smaller sizes on clearance too?

    • Shannon

      I bought size 3 for my sister in law.

  • Mari

    Thanks for letting us know. There were no signs at my Rite Aid, but I asked to have it checked and it rang up for $8.99. I got 3 packs for $7.97 plus tax. I used a $5 off $25, $5 of $20 (video value), and 3 $3 off Huggies. I have twins and am stocking up on the bigger sizes. Thanks again!

  • Ionizer

    hey shannon thanks…. i picked up 9 packages of diapers to add to the collection… i had 3 different $5 off $25 coupons

    i had to keep bringing them up to the counter to make sure they were the ones on sale b/c there were no signs like you said.

    i forgot to check the pampers, but i didnt have coupons for them, so i think ill stick with buying mega packages for < $4 a piece

    i also got 2 packages in the mail today from medochealthstore

    when the wife is done putting away the diapers im going to take a new and improved stock pile picture

    also, to make things even sweeter, i complained to a local CVS that the diapers they clearanced were different price than the ones i got elsewhere … i played ignorant and stupid and they sent me a $35 CVS gift card for the difference!

  • CaseyB

    Hi Gladys! I’m in WNY as well (Lake View) and have the cashier price check the Huggies mega packs!! The ones at my store weren’t labeled either but I wanted to be really sure – and it turns out they scanned for the clearance price!!

  • Jen #2

    Yeah.. mine qualified at 3, but I purchased 5 just in case because I was afraid after submission they would catch the number and then wouldn’t let me go back and qualify again. (Did that make any sense? Lol). Still.. it’s a great deal.

  • I saw Luvs, Huggies and Pampers all on clearance. The store I went to had two tables at the front with clearanced diapers. Sample Tugaboos were .89 instead of .99 (with $1 coupon in them). :)

  • Stephanie

    I got 4 – 40 count size 5/6 and 1 52 count size 6 for $29.95 with the sale and coupons. Thank you so much for the heads up!! With this and the Medco codes, I have enough diapers for my son to last quite a while and saved $75.00 in the process!!

  • Lauren Manzer

    checked out my store – lots of things on clearance (huggies soap, born free bottles, lansioh milk storage bags, some johnson and johnson things) but def. no diapers! :(

    • Shannon

      @Lauren Manzer,

      I just went back and now the Pampers are clearanced too! So don’t get to discouraged.. hopefully soon!

  • Joel

    Select Pampers Cruisers have been clearanced at Rite Aid at 50% off as well. I picked up 3 packs today…

  • katherine f

    Do you happen to know if this is expected to be on other sizes besides sz 5? Either way, I will keep an eye out for them…Thanks for the heads up! You rock!

    • Shannon

      @katherine f,

      Only because I took a bunch of pictures… YES! :)

  • Brianna

    Don’t forget about the $1 VV coupon from last month!

  • kathy2579

    Not my rite aid… bummer

    • Shannon


      They literally just went on sale today – so keep an eye out.. they are discontinuing these, so keep an eye out thru the end of June.

  • Anna

    wow, i can’t believe that some people have had their SCR’s clear with only 3 packages- I have purchased 4 and it still has not qualified. I’ll plan on buying another one- hopefully they’ll have ours on clearance here soon!

  • Kristy

    I wish rite aids would have price scanners around

    • Shannon


      Yes that would be nice..


    I was just at my local rite aid (wny) and they didn’t have any diapers on clearance but they did have some soaps and lotions at 25% off. I will have to check again next time I go! My sister is due in October so these would be great as part of gift!

    • Shannon


      Skus were just released this morning.. they probably haven’t even tagged them yet :)