Rite Aid Deals Week of 10/17

You can read the Rite Aid 101 with all the current information at Rite Aid here. (including information on Single Check Rebates or SCR)

You can go here and check out the  Rite Aid Coupon Policy. Don’t forget about the  NEW $5.00/$25.00 coupon, good thru 10/31.

NOTE: Don’t forget that there is a LONG ad and SHORT ad for Rite Aid – be sure to check your ad first. You may not have all the deals listed.

There are many deals that have been popping up during the week. Be sure to check back for my scenarios and new deals!

You can also print a new $1.00/1 Rite Aid Video Values coupon too.

It is another fantastic week at Rite Aid! If I missed a deal, leave it in the comments. See all the up to date information on this week’s Rite Aid deals here.

BioGuard $6.99
Get $6.99 SCR
Free after rebate

Cold Buster $6.69
Get $6.69 SCR
Free after rebate

Coldwar $3.99
Get $3.99 SCR
Free after rebate

TheraMax $6.99
Get $6.99 SCR
Free after rebate

Bee MD Cough Drops $2.49
Get $2.49 SCR
submit $1.00 MIR
Free after rebate (small overage for MIR)

Beyond Bodiheat $2.99
Get $2.99 SCR
* keep an eye out for $1.00 peelies on the product
Free after rebate

Bioron Children’s Cough Syrup $4.99
Get $4.99 SCR
*keep an eye out for $1.00 peelies on the product
Free after rebate

Blink Tears $7.99
Get $7.99 SCR
use $2/1 Blink Tears Lubricating Eye Drops, exp. 12-31-10 (Safeway, May)
*keep an eye out for $1.00 peelies on box
Free after rebate

Therma Care $2.99
Get $2.99 SCR
use $1.00/1 printable coupon
Free + overage after rebate & coupon

Childrens Oscillococcinum $4.99 (say that four times fast)
Get $4.99 SCR
use $2.00/1 printable coupon
Free + overage after rebate

SimplySaline $3.99
Get $3.99 SCR
use $1.00 printable coupon
Free + overage after rebate and coupon

Simply Saline Children’s $3.99
Get $3.99 SCR
use $1.00/1 printable coupon
Free + overage after rebate and coupon

Huggies Big Pack Diapers $19.99
Get $4.00 UPR
use $2.00 Video Values
use $2/1 Huggies Little Snugglers/Movers, exp. 11-13 (SS 10/17/10)
or use $1.50/1 Huggies Diapers, exp. 11-13-10 (SS 10/17/10)
or use $2.50/1 Huggies Little Snugglers or Little Movers Diapers printable
or use $3/1 Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers printable
As low as $10.99 after coupon & UPR

Huggies Wipes $5.99
use $2/1 Huggies Baby Wipes printable
$3.99 after coupon

Arm & Hammer Detergent BOGO
use $1/2 Arm & Hammer Laundry Product, exp. 11-30-10 (SS 09/19/10)
or use $1/1 Arm & Hammer Power Gel Detergent, exp. 11-30-10 (SS 09/19/10) if included

Scott’s Bath Tissue $7.49
Get $2.00 UPR
use $1/1 Scott Bath Tissue RA printable
and use $1 off Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue, exp. 11-28-10 (SS 10/17/10) (if included)
as low as $3.49 after coupon & UPR

Crustal Deodorant $3.99 (Valid 09/26-10/23 October Rebate period)
$1.00 off purchase price

Pepsi & Pepsi Products 3/$10.98
Get $2.00 UPR wyb 3
3 for $8.98

Duracell Coppertop Batteries $4.99
Get $1.00 UPR
use $0.75/1 Duracell Coppertop, exp. 11-30-10 (P&G 10/10/10)
$3.24 after coupon

First Response Pregnancy Test $12.99
Get $3.00 SCR
Get $2.00 UPR
use $2/1 First Response Product printable
$5.99 after coupon

Vicks Adult Dayquil or NyQuil 2/$8.00
Get $3.00 UPR wyb 2
use (2) $1.50/1 Vicks Product, exp. 11-30-10 (P&G 10/10/10)
$1.00 each after coupon

Vicks Dayquil or NyQuil Sinex 2/$8.00 (if included) *
Get $3.00 UPR wyb 2
use (2) $4/1 Sinex Product, exp. 11-30-10 (P&G 10/10/10)
Free after UPR & coupon

*note there are two versions of Nyquil – the Nyquil Sinus verison is now called Sinex. There is still DayQuil and Nyquil – the coupons for the Sinex should not be used on the regular DayQuil and Nyquil – only the bottles that say Sinex on them.

Ricola 2/$4.00
use $1/2 Ricola Cough and Throat Drops, exp. 12-17-10 (SS 10/17/10)
and get $1.00 UPR wyb 2
$.50 each after coupon

Get a $5.00 UPR wyb $15.00 worth of the following:

Theraful $4.49
use $1.50/1 Theraflu Product, exp. 12-4-10 (SS 10/17/10)
or use $2/1 Theraflu Max-D Severe Cold & Flu, exp. 12-4-10 (SS 10/17/10) (if included)
or use
$2/1 Theraflu Product printable
as low as $2.49 after coupon

Triaminic $4.49
$1/1 Triaminic Fever Reducer Pain Reliever, exp. 10-16 (SS 8/22/10)
and use FREE Nivea Lip Care wyb Select Triaminic, exp. 10-31 (SS 10/17/10)

$3.99 after coupon

4 Way Nasal Spray $4.49
use $1.50/1 4-Way Nasal Spray Product, exp. 12-31-10 (SS 10/17/10)
$2.99 after coupon

Comtrex $4.49
use $1.50/1 Comtrex Product, exp. 12-31-10 (SS 10/17/10)
$2.99 after coupon

Excedrin $6.99
use $1.50/1 Excedrin Product, exp. 12-31-10 (SS 10/17/10)
or use $1.50/1 Excedrin Product, exp. 10-16-10 (SS 08/29/10)
$5.49 after coupon

Deal Idea:

Buy (2) Theraflu Products $8.98
Buy (2) Nivea Lip Care $5.98
Buy (2) Triaminic $8.98
Buy (1) Filler Item $1.06 (or buy one of the free SCR items)
Total: $25.00
use $5.00/$25.00 printable
use  (2) $2/1 Theraflu Product printable
use (2) $1/1 Triaminic Fever Reducer Pain Reliever, exp. 10-16 (SS 8/22/10)
and use (2)  FREE Nivea Lip Care wyb Select Triaminic, exp. 10-31 (SS 10/17/10)

Total: $3.02 for everything or $.50 each

Genteal, Clear Care or Aquify Multipurpose Solution $7.49
use $2/1 GenTeal Product printable
or use $2/1 Clear Care or AQuify Solution, exp. 2-14 (SS 10/17/10)
or use $3/1 Select Clear Care or AQuify Products, exp. 1-7 (SS 8/22/10)
Get $2.00 UPR
as low as $2.49 after coupon & UPR

Lysol Healthy Touch $5.49
use $3/1 Lysol Healthy Touch Hand Soap Kit, exp. 10-19-10 (SS 09/19/10)
$2.49 after coupon

Nexcare Bandages Buy One, Get One 50% Off
use $1/1 Nexcare Bandages, exp. 10-31-10 (SS 06/06/10)

Old Spice Red Zone Deodorant, Body Spray or Body Wash $2/$6.00
Get $2.00 UPR wyb 2
use FREE Old Spice Body Spray wyb select items, exp. 10-31 (P&G 09/26/10)
or use B1G1 Old Spice Odor Blocker Body Wash (P&G MIR Booklet)
$.50 each after coupon & UPR

Listerine $3.99
Get $1.00 UPR
use $1/1 Select Listerine Mouthwash, exp. 4-30-11 (RP 10/10/10)
or use $2/1 Listerine Zero Mouthwash, exp. 3-31-11 (RP 09/19/10)
or use $1/1 Listerine Zero Mouthwash printable
and use $1/1 Listerine Mouthwash or Listerine PocketPak RA printable
as low free after UPR & coupon

Scope Mouthwash $3.99
Get $2.00 UPR
use $0.75/1 Scope Mouthwash, exp. 10-31-10 (RP 09/12/10)
or use $1/1 Scope Mouthwash, exp. 10-31-10 (RP 09/12/10)
$.99 after coupon

Poise Pads $12.99
Get $4.00 SCR
use $2/1 Poise Pads or Liners RA printable
$6.99 after UPR and coupon

Tresemme $3.99
Get $1.00 UPR
use $5/3 TRESemme Shampoo/Conditioner or Styler RA printable

Deal Idea:
Buy (3) Tresemme Shampoo, Conditioner or Styler $11.97
Use use $5/3 TRESemme Shampoo/Conditioner or Styler RA printable
Get 3 $1.00 UPR
$3.97 for 3 after UPR & coupon (note this is depending on 3 $1.00 UPR printing – which seems likely given the UPR printing lately)

Buy $15.00, Get $5.00 UPR wyb Nivea Skin Care

Nivea Body Lotion $5.99
Get $1.00 UPR
use $1/1 Nivea Body Lotion Product printable
or use $1/1 Nivea Body Lotion, exp. 10-31-10 (RP 08/29/10)
$3.99 after coupon

Nivea Body Wash $3.99
use $1/1 Nivea Body Wash for Women, exp. 11-30-10 (RP 10/17/10)
or use $3/2 Nivea Body Wash for Women, exp. 11-30-10 (RP 10/17/10)
as low as $2.49 wyb 2

Men’s Nivea Body Wash $3.99
use $3/1 Nivea for Men Body Wash, exp. 11-30-10 (RP 10/17/10)
$.99 after coupon

Deal Idea:
Buy (4) Men’s Nivea Body Wash $15.96
use (4) $3/1 Nivea for Men Body Wash, exp. 11-30-10 (RP 10/17/10)
Pay $3.96
Get $5.00 UPR
Free after UPR & coupon

Deal Idea:
Buy (2) Men’s Nivea Body Wash
Buy (2) Women’s Body Wash
Total $15.96
use (2) $3/1 Nivea for Men Body Wash, exp. 11-30-10 (RP 10/17/10)
Use (1) $3/2 Nivea Body Wash for Women, exp. 11-30-10 (RP 10/17/10)
Pay $6.96, Get $5.00 UPR
$1.96 for 4

Rogaine $49.99
use $10/1 Rogaine Mens or Womens Triple Solution/Foam RA printable
$10/1 Rogaine Women’s Product printable
or use $10/1 Rogaine Product printable
or use $10/1 Rogaine Men’s Product printable
$29.99 after both coupons

Note for the L’Oreal Coupons – There are both in ad coupons and Video Values for L’Oreal – they cannot be combined because they both start with RC49:

L’Oreal Preference Hair Color $8.99
use $2.00 in ad coupon
Get $2.00 UPR
use $2/1 L’Oreal Preference printable
$2.99 after coupons & UPR

L’Oreal Feria Hair Color $8.99
use $2.00 in ad coupon
$6.99 after coupon

L’Oreal Root Rescue Hair Color $6.99
Get $2.00 UPR
use $2/1 L’Oreal Root Rescue, exp. 10-24-10 (RP 08/01/10)
$2.99 after coupon & UPR

Clearasil psa $4.89
use $2.00 in ad coupon
use $1/1 Clearasil Product, exp. 12-5-10 (SS 09/12/10 #2)
use $2 printable coupon
$1.89 after both coupons

Kiss, Broadway of Pink Nails Buy One, Get One 50% Off
Get $2.00 UPR wyb $10.00
$2/1 Kiss My Face Kids Product printable
$1/1 Kiss My Face Product printable
$2/1 Kiss My Face Classic Moisturizer printable
$1.50/1 Kiss My Face Oral Care Product printable
$2/1 Kiss Artificial Nail Product printable

Covergirl Buy One, Get One 50% off
use $1/1 CoverGirl Product, exp. 10-31-10 (PG 09/26/10)
$5/2 CoverGirl Simply Ageless Product, exp. 11-30-10 (P&G 10/10/10)

Maybelline Lip and Eye Makeup Buy One, Get One 50% Off
$1/1 Maybelline New York Eyeshadow or Eye Liner printable
$1/1 Maybelline New York Mascara, exp. 11-15-10 (RP 10/10/10)
$1/1 Maybelline New York Eyeshadow or Liner, exp. 11-15 (RP 10/10/10)
$2/1 Maybelline Eye Studio Color Gleam Eye Trio RA printable
$2/1 Maybelline Mousse Foundation, exp. 12-31 (ALL YOU Fashion)
$2/1 Maybelline Cosmetics Product RA printable

Ziploc Bags 2/$4.00
Get $1.00 UPR wyb 2
use $1/2 Ziploc Brand Bags, exp. 12-4-10 (SS 10/10/10)
or use $1/2 Ziploc Bags, exp. 11-6-10 (SS 09/12/10)
$1.00 each after UPR & coupon

Febreze Air Effects, Noticeables Warmer or Refresh 2/$5.00
Get $1.00 UPR wyb 2
use $1/1 Febreeze Fabric Refresher, exp. 10-31-10 (P&G 09/26/10)
or use B1G1 Febreeze Set & Refresh wyb Candle, exp. 10-31-10 (P&G 09/26/10)
or use $3/1 Febreeze Noticables Kit or Warmer, exp. 10-31-10 (P&G 09/26/10)

Deal Idea: Buy (2) Febreze Set & Refresh $5.00
use B1G1 Febreeze Set & Refresh wyb Candle, exp. 10-31-10 (P&G 09/26/10)
Get $1.00 UPR
$.75 each after UPR & coupon

Deal Idea: Buy (2) Febreze Noticables $5.00
use $3/1 Febreeze Noticables Kit or Warmer, exp. 10-31-10 (P&G 09/26/10)
2 for free after coupon

Gillette Venus, Mach 3 or Sensor Razors $4.99
Get $1.00 UPR
use $3/1 Select Venus, Mach3 or Sensor3 Item, exp. 10-31 (P&G 9/26/10)
$.99 after coupon & UPR

Clorox Cleanup or Pine Sol 2/$4.00
Get $1.00 UPR wyb 2
use $1/2 Pine-Sol, Tilex or Select Clorox Items, exp. 10-22 (SS 8/22/10)
$1.50 each after coupon

Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Cereal 2/$5.00
Get $1.00 UPR wyb 2
use (2) $.75/1 printable coupon
$1.25 each after UPR & coupon

Campbell’s Harvest Soup 2/$3.00
use $1/2 Campbell’s Healthy Request Select Harvest Soup printable
or use $1/1 Campbell’s Select Harvest printable
as low as $.50 each after coupon

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  • Jeffrey Liu

    I have a question about the Bee MD Cough Drops. Can the manufacturer’s rebate be combined with the Rite Aid rebate? I was wondering this because the manufacturer’s rebate says it is not valid in combination with other offers.

    • Shannon

      @Jeffrey Liu,

      Yes, you can send that one in too! Just wait til your receipt clears rite aid and then send the receipt in to Bee MD.

  • diana

    Does anyone know what the limit is one the Old Spice and Tresemme?

  • diana

    Does anyone know what Up Rewards limit on the Old Spice and Tresseme ?

  • amy

    anyone know if the febreze is printing multiple +ups?

  • Amber

    I haven’t received any wellness coupons printing at the bottom of my reciept now for weeks. Does anyone know why I’m not getting these? I’m also not getting them in emails.

  • kim

    (The triaminic ones)

  • kim

    Wait, if the triaminic coupons expired 10/16 why are they listed in your deals? Does rite aid let you use coupons past the exp date? Cause i have those coupons!

    • Shannon


      No Kim, some stores start their sales on Friday, therefore the people who shop Saturday can use them. (West Coast).

  • Leigh Powell

    I didn’t see febreeze on sale. Is that different from store to store?

    • Shannon


      The number of pages in your ad doesn’t mean anything. There are different ads – you need to check your ads for your local sale.

  • Nicole

    Went to my Rite Aid tonight and found a $4 peelie on the Blink eye drops!

    Made for a GREAT money-maker!

  • Janet

    FYI…The NyQuil Sinex at my store was not part of the 2/$8.00 deal.
    Thank you so much for posting these great deals!

    • Shannon


      Thanks Janet!

  • Sarah

    fyi the up rewards for clear care is it at least 3.

    • Chachu

      The limit for Old Spice is at least 4, as well. :)

  • Jenifer

    I can’t get the Therma care coupon. The web site won’t even load. Anyone else having the same problem?

  • Jennifer

    Shannon – I never really paid attention to if I had long or short Ad. I am from Michigan, all I know is I always got the same deals you listed so figured I was long. Alot of times I wouldn’t get the wrap around, but the stuff still rang up.

    Well I notied the last 2 weeks my Rite Aid doesn’t have the same stuff on sale:( Do you think they changed from long to short?

    I really wanted the kleenex deal this week!

    Thanks. Jennifer

    • Tina

      @Jennifer, Jennifer, I am in Michigan as well and thought I was getting the long ad, but last week (I think) I didn’t get the Udderly Smooth (I think that’s what it’s called). So now I don’t know.

  • Kristy

    Just got back. I got:
    Bee M.D. 2.49
    Coldwar 6.69
    Cold Buster 3.99
    2 Old Spice body wash 3.00 each
    Venus disposable razors, 3 pack 5.99
    Total before coupons was $25.16
    I used:
    Buy one get one free Old Spice
    $3/1 Venus razors
    Total OOP: $12.65
    Total back from SCR: $13.17
    For a profit of $.52

    Just a note, but it says here that the Gilette razors are $4.99 and giving 1 UPR, but the signs at my store said $5.99, I checked the ad in the store and it said $5.99 and it rang up at $5.99. I got back 1 UPR. This was in NJ.

  • Kat

    My email from RiteAid said “Bonus Offer” $4 UP+ on any $10 purchase of Maybelline NY. But I did not see this in the Ad. I have heard of ‘personized’ SRCs and Up+ rewards. Is this a personalized one or does everyone get this?

  • jessica

    Maybelline – from wellness + email – buy 10$ get back 4$ in ups

    • Shannon

      working on it now.. should net freebies!

  • Kind of confused on the febreeze noticables deal…i have the 3 dollar off coupon but how does it make both of the warmers free if they are 2.50 a piece…please help!

    • Shannon


      Heather, you use (2) $3.00/1 Coupons to make them free ??

  • Tara

    I just got an e-mail with a bonus UPR – buy $10 of ANY Maybelline cosmetics and get a $4UPR – with coupons I’m pretty sure we can make this free and use the UPR for the cold stuff! So check your e-mail if you have this too – not sure if it’s for everyone or just select ones.

  • Becky

    The video value coupons for the oscillococcinum is for 6 or 12 count not the 3 count that earns a rebate. Also the $3 coupon for Gillette Venus/Mach 3/Sensor is for a larger count than what is on sale. There is a $2 coupon from the same week that would work, making the final cost $1.99.

  • Anonymous

    The video values for the Oscillococcinum is for 6 and 12 ct…not the 3 count that is on sale. Also the gillette venus/mach3/sensor coupon that is $3 is for a higher count than what is on sale. There is a $2 coupon in the same ad that would work for the sale, making the final cost 1.99.

  • Chachu

    Dangit! Yet again I’ve gotten screwed on my coupons. :( I didn’t get my Nivea coupons in my papers. And last week I didn’t get THREE of the coupons I was wanting.

    • lydaugherty


      Same here. It always ends up like 4 out of 5 coupons I’m waiting for and plan scenarios with are not in my circulars :’( lo

  • lydaugherty

    How come, when I use a BOGO coupon, and it’s a deal for buy 2 get $X UPR, it doesn’t print the UPR? It rings up as full price on one, then zero on the free one. That why? Should I ask for my UPR? I have a few BOGO for old spice body wash, but I’m afraid of not getting my UPR.

    • Shannon


      Are you sure with a BOGO coupon or BOGO sale. a BOGO coupon wouldn’t ring up zero because you give them the coupon later.

      • lydaugherty


        When he does the coupon, he prints the receipt to look for the price, then enters the price… then it was 0.00 on the receipt. Is he doing it wrong then?

        • Shannon


          Let me look at a receipt that I use a bogo on.. I could swear it comes off as the price as a manufacturer coupon and doesnt change the price of the item, but I could be wrong.

  • jessica

    I have a 1 dollar vv coupon for the lysol hand pump. Think from sept vv!?

  • Robbin

    There are 2 video value coupons for the Oscillococcinum.

  • Robbin

    There is a $3 video value coupon for Childrens Oscillococcinum $4.99, actually there are 2!

    • Shannon

      Are the sizes correct?

  • Chrys

    So is the thermacare 1 count?

  • Tiffany

    Shannon – I wanted to share my scenarios. Starting with a $1UP and a $10 UP:

    (2) Febreeze Notibables Warmers & Starter Kits, 2.50ea
    -(2)3 mfq
    (1) Febreze Candle, 2.50
    (1) Febreze Set & Refresh, 2.50
    -free wyb candle
    -1 wellness fragrance
    (1) Children’s Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Med, 4.99
    -2 mfq
    -3 VV
    (1) Thermacare, $2.99
    -1 mfq
    -1 VV
    (1) Bee MD Cough Drops $2.49
    -1 wellness cold/flu
    (1) Huggies Wipes, 5.99
    -2 mfq
    = 1.96 – 1UP = .96 + tax
    get (2)1 UP, submit 10.47 SCR

    (4) OS Fresh Collection Body Spray, 3
    -(2)1/2 mfq
    -1 fragrance wellness
    (1) Simply Saline Children’s Nasal Mist, 3.99
    -1 mfq
    (1) Simply Saline Mist 3.99
    -1 mfq
    (1) Dr. Thompson’s Cold War 3.99
    (1) BodiHeat 2.99
    -1 mfq
    -1 cold/flu wellness
    (1) Huggies Wipes, 5.99
    -2 mfq
    = 12.95 – 10UP – 1UP – 1UP = .95 + tax
    get (2)2 UP, submit 16.96 SCR

    Still working on the rest of the freebates… need to figure out a way to roll the UP’s to reduce my OOP !

    • lydaugherty

      @Tiffany, The candles aren’t included, they are $7 a piece, not $2.50 (or included in the 2 for $5.)

      • Tiffany


        LOL, it’s just as well. The Febreze deal wasn’t in my local ad anyway!

  • Tiffany

    Another note on the fragrance wellness coupon, couldn’t that be used towards the Old Spice body spray? Buy 4, use $1 wellness, two BOGOF, two $1/2, get (2)$2 UP and submit for $2 SCR = $3 MM.

    • lydaugherty

      @Tiffany, Where do you get the fragrance and cold/flu wellness coupon? I just have four for vitamins, greeting cards, oral care, and electronics

      • Tiffany


        It was on the same pdf as the .50 any $5 bagged candy purchase.

  • E

    Do you have a copy of long ad? I live in short ad area…got next weeks ad and it’s 12 pages…normally only 8 (maybe they are doing away with long & short ads).

    • Shannon


      Long ad is 12.

      • E

        @Shannon, That’s what I thougt so could they have started doing only one ad? Mine is usually just 8 pages, but this week is 12.

        • Shannon


          sometimes there is the same ad everywhere, but that would be awesome.. do you have all the deals listed?

          • E

            @Shannon, Yes it has the deals you have listed…..I noticed I spelled thought wrong….can’t type sometimes.

  • Brandi

    Just wondering if you know if the wellness discount will apply on BOGO items or if the BOGO promo IS the discount?

    • Shannon


      BOGO is the discount.

  • Tiffany

    There is a $1 Wellness coupon for ANY beauty or fragrance. It may be YMMV, but I think the Febreze deal may count towards fragrance since it makes your house smell good. :)

    • Shannon


      LOL that may be a stretch.

  • Rachel B

    There is a $2 VV coupon for the Huggies.

    • Jessica

      The Huggies Coupon has disappeared… bummer.

  • Stacey

    I can’t find the Huggies wipes coupon…zip code? Thanks.

    • Shannon


      try 07039 or 90210

      • Jessica

        So bummed… tried these zip codes. No luck. If anyone comes accross, please post. Thanks.

      • Becky

        Is this coupon gone? I’ve tried 4 different zips and I can’t find it anywhere.

  • Kristen

    There’s a $1.50/1 for the Chestal Cough syrup in the 1/24 RP (if you still have it). The same insert has a $2/1 for the Oscillococcinum.

    Also, there’s a Video Values coupon for the Thermacare.

    • Kristen

      @Shannon, I printed the Thermacare Video Values, and it says “Any Thermacare Product” so I think it should work.

    • lilia


      i just view it it say for any thermacare

      • Shannon

        Thanks Lilia..

  • Christy

    If you got the Coldcalm Pellets a while back when they were free, check the package for coupons. I had a $1.50 off the Bioron cough syrup.

    • Anonymous

      @Christy, Thanks Christy, I had that coupon too but wouldn’t have looked for it!

  • Chachu

    Thanks for posting, Shannon. :) I assume if we bought both the Bioron Chestal and the Bioron Children’s Oscillococcinum that we’d get two SCRs, even though they’re the same price/from the same company? Same with the two Simply Salines? Is that true?

    • Shannon


  • Sal

    Simply saline was also in Smart Source- $1/1 12/31/12 SS 10/18/09
    (I just cut and pasted from your coupon database) ;-)

    • Shannon


      sweet :)