Rite Aid Aveeno Deal

Aveeno Lotion

Reader Andrea emailed me this fantastic deal she scored on Aveeno!

I was able to get Aveeno shampoo/conditioner for free this week.  Here’s what I did:

Aveeno shampoo/cond: $7.49 each
Sale (20% off): $5.99 each
(4) $2 off Rite Aid Video Value coupons
(4) $2 off Mft. coupons (www.aveeno.com–you’ll need to print from 2 computers)
(1) $5 off $20 at Rite Aid
Submit for $7 SCR

So this means she made a profit buying these!

To see all the deals for Rite Aid HERE.

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  • Achara

    Hi, I wonder how can Andrea (from the posted) used 4 of $2 off Rite Aid Video Value coupons? I saw the fine print under the coupon says limit one per customer. I printed after I watched the vdo.
    Thank you!

  • Thanks so much for posting this!!
    Thanks to your info… here is what I did. (plus I found a way to sweeten the deal!) I bought 2 Aveeno Shampoos (reg $7.99 and on sale 20% off) so they were $5.99 each. Then I purchased 2 small Aveeno Hand Creams – also 20% off which made them $2.79 each (reg $3.49) …the rebate deal says buy 2 get Aveeno Products get a $3 rebate, 3 get a $5 rebate and buy 4 get a $7 rebate … on ANY Aveeno Skincare or Haircare Products so I took a chance that it would work on the small hand lotion…and it did!! I just got my $7.00 rebate confirmation! … SO…here is how my deal went down:

    $5.99 shampoo
    $5.99 shampoo
    $2.79 lotion
    $2.79 lotion
    BOGO HALLOWEEN CANDY (hey! I needed a filler, lol!) $2.99
    total: $20.55
    used the $5 off $20 from HERE
    used 2 $2 off ANY Aveno items from HERE
    used 2 $2 off Aveeno Rite Aid coupons from watching the video HERE
    $7.55 (not including taxes)

    (she would only let me use 2 Rite Aid coupons and I am still a bit confused about it … but believe me..I wasn’t going to win with this checker…she was seriously not to be messed with.) *Either I should have been only able to use one OR all 4 but she kept saying they were manufacturer coupons, but now I am thinking that I was getting more items than coupons which is why her register was beeping maybe?
    so…I paid $7.55 for stuff that I LOVE (candy included, lol) and I really do love Aveeno – especially the shampoo…which is reg. $7.99 so I got all that for the same price as one bottle….PLUS … MY $7 SINGLE CHECK REBATE…plus get this … I got another $5 credit towards my Fall Savings rebate program …sweetness! thanks!
    I blogged about it and linked to you for your ideas!! love ‘em!

    • Shannon

      This post is from 2009. No links would be active.

  • Amanda

    Do you know if the Aveeno SCR only covers products purchased in one transaction, or can I spread the purchase of 4 products over several transactions?

    Thanks!! FYI-loved the post on Rite Aid cpn policy! Now I won’t have the anxiety whenever I walk in there, hoping they will take all my coupons properly!

  • Kelli

    I’ve never shopped at Rite Aid before and I’d really love it if you could help me out a little bit. I have a few questions:

    1. What is the “$2 off Ride Aid Video Value coupon” and where can I get it?

    2. Where do you get the $5 off $20 coupon?

    3. How do the SCRs work?

    I would love any help. Thank you!

    • Jolon

      1. Go to riteaid.com and click on Rite Aid Video Values. Create an account to watch videos which earn coupons. These can be stacked with MQ’s. (They have sometimes been referred to as Ad Perks coupons.) You can print these as you earn them.

      2. When you watch 20 credits worth of videos you can print the $5 off $20.

      3. I LOVE SCR’s! So far this month I’ve gotten $200.48 (retail) of name-brand items, and with coupons and the SCR’s Rite Aid has paid me $2.xx for it! Register for this program on the same screen as the Video Values.

      (Sorry Shannon but Rite Aid gets me excited so I answered this one HAHA)

      • Shannon


        Do you want a new job?

        he he.

        Sorry I was away at a Sun & Earth event this morning and my blog was on auto pilot!

        Kelly check your email!

        • Riya

          Hi !

          Are you ppl able to use the 5/20 or 5/25 coupon before using all the other coupons.The manager at my riteaid refused to do it that way. He says first all the manufacture coupons and later the 5/20 or 5/25 coupon…Please let me know…

          • Jolon

            The manager of my store actually printed and gave me a copy of the coupon policy (e-mail) she received from corporate dated 9/26/09. It states in plain english that they should accept the 5/20 or 5/25 BEFORE all other coupons.

            Maybe your manager can read Bulletin #SOS – 403 which is from Tony Sadler, VP Store Operations entitled “Coupon Acceptance.” It’s listed under “Total Purchase Coupons” heading.

        • Jolon

          HAHA Actually, yes! Seriously, some people sing in the shower or the car… not me! I come up with Rite Aid and Walgreens scenarios LOL. (I’m such a dork!) I need to stop shopping and spend my time figuring out how to do a little local blog :-)

          • Achara

            Hi Jolon, do you know if I can use more than one copy of ad perks coupons? The program allows to print once but I can print several copies but it says limit one per customer. Thank you if you can clarify that for me.

  • karen

    I was wondering about the $5 off $20 RiteAid cpn. I was only able to get it once last wk. I tried to watch more videos to accumulate another cpn, but that did not work. Is the cpn only able to generate after x amount of time passes?


  • I got four aveeno shaving creams on sale for 3.99 and one gillette razor on sale for 9.00 for .26cents and summitted for my 5.00 SCR for razor and 7.00 SCR for aveeno. So I made a profit too!
    4 creams 3.99=16.00 plus
    razor 9.00=25.00
    5.00/25.00 coupon=20.00
    -4.00 razor coupon in 9/27 P&G
    -4 1.00 coupons on aveeno in 9/27
    -4 3.00 ad perk coupons on aveeno face product
    = -.04 plus tax = .26 cents!

    • Achara

      Hi Janel,
      How did you print 4 of ad perks coupons? You have to log in in different name? I meant I can print 4 copies but I thought we can only use one per the fine print. Thanks so much.