Old Navy Fleece $4.25 Online + 8% Cashback

So if you cannot get in store on Saturday or do not feel like braving the crowd, Old Navy has the Performance Fleece Online for just $5.00. To make this deal even sweeter, use code ONTREAT at checkout to score them for just $4.25 each!  If you spend $50 you can use ONSUPER50 to get Free shipping. Note: You must add both codes!

Go here to Ebates to get 8% cashback and $5.00 signup bonus if you are a new signup, making one fleece free!

Just go here to Ebates.

Search for Old Navy.

Then click thru on the coupon you see below:

I really need a few winter shirts, so I picked up a few for me and Evan. At $4.25 each, they are totally worth it!  I went to Old Navy the last time they had the sale and I couldn’t even get my foot in the door. I am happy to order these from my kitchen, in my pajamas!

I am sure they will sell out fast.

Thanks to Crista for the heads up!

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  • eunice b

    I have been needing vests so I ordered 2 a 1/2 hr after you posted this, and my order went through fine, but I had an email this am saying that they were out of stock and cancelled my order. Hope this doesn’t happen to ya’ll.

    ~eunice b

  • Sally

    I have a Gap Silver card and was able to stack:

    ONTREAT (15% off)
    SLVRDAY10 (15% off)
    SILVER (free shipping)

    My $5 fleece came to $3.61 + tax and free shipping. :)

    Also you can get 40% off the Hot Trends items with Gap/ON/BR credit cards (or 30% off for any other payment method).

    • Sally

      Formot to mention, that 40% also stacks with the slvrday10 for another 15% off and the silver free shipping. Yep, 49% off on those items, so I got a trendy cardigan sweater for less than $10 and I won’t feel too bad if it is out of style next year.

  • Cheryl

    I actually ordered stuff for me (which I almost never do) I got 4 tall hoodies, 2 tall fleece pants, and 1 pr of sweater boots. They don’t sell the tall items (except jeans) at any store I’ve ever been to. For my son, 2 long sleeved shirts and 3 fleeces. My total was $93.60. I purchased through piperlime from shopathome.com because they give 12% cash back. That means I will get back $11.23 and I used my ON card. I might qualify for another reward card.

    There is also a new coupon for 50% off any one outerwear on the ON facebook page for 10/26-10/28

  • Diane

    I was able to use both codes this morning, glad I checked your site bright and early! Thanks so much!

  • Ann

    AWESOME! I just got a GapCard Reward in the mail. Managed to get 5 gifts taken care of for $8.25 OOP! WooHoo! Keep those holiday deals coming!

  • Elizabeth C.

    I was able to use both promo codes, and it took off the Shipping as well as 15% off each item. You have to do it during checkout and enter one promo and click apply and enter the second and click apply, it shows up that both promos were used. I purchased 11 items for $63!! Yay my pregnant belly can be nice and warm now.

  • Mandy

    Thank you so much! Because of your deals this morning, I have been able to knock out a huge portion of my Christmas list for nearly nothing and all while sitting at my computer! :)

    • Shannon


      woohoo love it!

  • Ginny

    Dang it. i am always too late to these parties. The site is too slow for me. Oh well

  • Danielle

    Thanks Shannon! just got mine done too! This is the first time I used Ebates…so I’m excited to see how that whole thing works!

  • Samantha C

    Ok, sorry for the stupid question, but when I tried to use ONSUPER50 it only deducted the shipping. Not 15%. When I tried to use ONTREAT it took off 15% but then added the $7 shipping back in. Is it possible to have the 15% and free shipping?

    • Shannon

      Sam it looks like they changed it since this post :(

      • Samantha C

        @Shannon, Thanks Shannon! Still a good price on winter clothes and we never would have made it there on Saturday.

        • Mandy

          I was able to use both codes but, your subtotal has to be $50 or more after using ONTREAT to be able to use ONSUPER50. I just added a couple extra fleece items that I wasn’t going to buy for myself to begin with until this issue popped up. I was about $10 short so it was like paying $3 for 2 items!

  • Melissa

    My session keeps timing out. Must have a lot of traffic.

    • Samantha C


      The site is busy. I had 1 item removed from my cart because it sold out. I was able to pick out another color and place my order without any other issues.

      • Melissa

        @Samantha C, Yes, very busy. I finally got through. Great deals.

  • Lynsie

    Thanks, I ordered three fleeces for the kiddos for Christmas!

  • Kelley

    Thanks for letting us know this deal. I was going to brave the crowds tomorrow but now I didn’t have to. Got 7 items woo hoo.

  • LaToya

    Just an FYI – – ONTREAT is a better deal than ONSUPER50. 75-cents off each x 10 = 7.50 savings. The ONSUPER50 only takes off $7 for the shipping. So better to got the first route even spending $50.

  • Amber

    I hate it when I forget to go through ebates! Ugh!! I see the post, & get so wrapped up in picking stuff out that I forget to go through ebates :(

  • Amy

    Thank you so much for all these great deals! Just wanted to give you a quick thank you because I appreciate your hard work so much:) There is no way that I would have time to find such outstanding deals! Bought 9 items for $50! Wonderful! I bought the fleece ladies vneck and pj bottoms to wear as pajamas. These would make a great Christmas gift for $13 (top & bottom) minus the 15% incase anyone needs a nice Mom gift.

  • Holly G

    I just bought for about half of my Christmas list for only $4.25 each, Woo Hoo!

  • Brittian

    Ok, I am new to ebates, I just placed an order for the old navy fleece, how and when does the ebate credits/cash back work. I didn’t see anything for ebates when I ordered, will the cash back show up on my account later? Just curious as to how this whole thing works. Thank you so much for all of your deals.

  • Sandy

    I was on ebates and I can’t seem to get the fleece on that site.

    • Shannon


      I added some steps to the post. – you just need to click thru to Old Navy.