Hasbro & Dominos Deals

Pizza and Games.. a kids dream come true! (or my husband’s dream come true, I know his life would be fulfilled, if it consisted of pizza and games)

Hasbro & Domino’s have teamed up to bring you an awesome deal during the month of November.

dominos (1)


  • Dominos will be offering medium pizzas, oven baked sandwiches and breadbowl pastas, 3 for $16.65! So just $5.55 a piece when you buy 3.
  • When you buy a 12″ pizza, it will include a mini version of three Hasbro family favorites – Connect 4 x 4, Cranium and Pictureka! Game instructions will be on the side of the box.
  • When you order online, Dominos will include $30.00 worth of Hasbro coupons with your order.


Hasbro Games:

  • Select  Hasbro games will be stickered with a Domino’s Coupon for a free medium one topping pizza when customers order online! You can find these games at Target. Don’t forget about the Target game coupons HERE!
  • Don’t forget to print the Hasbro game coupons I told you about HERE to take advantage of this offer!

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  • You can always order from them and know you will get savings, but if you put in some extra effort you might be able save a whole bunch more with coupons and discounts. I like to order my pies online now, and before I do that, I always make sure to do a quick web search and find some current coupons or printable discounts. I always come up with something, whether it is a buy one get one free promotion, or a deal where I get a free bottle of soda, or some tasty hot wings. You really never come up empty handed if you spend a few minutes looking. Most of the coupons I find online are printable. I print them right off of my computer and hand them to the delivery guy or girl at the door.

  • Rebecca

    Just so others know and are not disappointed like I was.
    The $30 in Hasbro coupons are the same ones you can print from coupons.com. When you get done placing your order online, it takes you to coupons.com to print the same coupons you could have already printed. The free game is on the box. If you were like me you probably thought you actually get a free mini game (travel game) that you can keep and the coupons were different then what you can already print. :(

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