Yankee Candle: Buy 2, Get 2 Free Coupon

If you are a Yankee Candle fan – here are some goodies for you! These make fabulous stocking stuffers –   Buy 2 Yankee Candle Large Jar Candles or Tumblers, Get 2 Free. You can Print In-Store Coupon or shop online with promo code WXF011H1.

I have a slight obsession with candles — and Yankee is my favorite. I have tried the cheaper candles, but they just aren’t as nice. What candles do you recommend? I would love to find some less expensive but with the same quality of Yankee.

Also, if you attend the Holiday Open House on Saturday November 20 at participating Yankee Candle stores, you will receive a free votive.  Head here to find a  Yankee Candle retail location.Force Tweet

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  • Roxana Guy

    For some reason, mine did not post. I will retype it in 2 sections. This may sound weird, but there are traveling candle vendors out there. There is a guy in our area called “The Candle Man” who sets up shop at our local flea market and also drives to all the small retailers. He sells mistake candles. Example, I bought a Christmas Cookie candle from him that looked and smelled like it, but it said “Yankee Candle: Mulberry.” Nothing was wrong with the candle. It just had the wrong label.

  • Roxana Guy

    Okay, this may sound weird, but there are actual vendors that travel often to flea markets or thrift stores or sometimes they will set up shop temporarily. In our area, there is a man who is called “The Candle Man” who goes from retailer to retailer daily and sometimes has a booth at the outdoor flea market in the Spring and Summer to sell candles. He gets candles from manufacturers that are mislabeled. Example, I bought my favorite Yankee Candle, Christmas Cookie, from him for $3. The problem with it? It had been mislabeled. It was labeled, Mulberry, even though it definitely was Christmas Cookie color and all. He gets the “mistakes” from the manufacturers for about $15 for all he can carry, and sells the mistakes for $1 to $3. I have bought Main Stays (Wal-Mart), soy based candles, etc. and have never spend over $25. Don’t know how to find them in your area, but they do exist!

  • g

    I tried the cheaper ones at Walmart and Target and they just dont come close to Yankee and B&BW. The Target one had a really bad throw and I blew it out 15 minutes into burning it.

  • pamela

    I love the bath & body works candles!! i buy them when i find the 3 wick ones on sale for 2 for $20! they are originally $19.95 each. plus i usually have a $10 off $30 coupon from the bottom of a previous receipt for doing a survey. so i usually end up getting 3 candles for around $22 tax included!!!! 3 for the price of one

  • amy

    Honestly I have a Walmart brand candle they have their own section and Mulled Cider smells so good and they are only 5 dollars for the big ones and I’m picky about smells.

  • Tony

    Yankee Candles used to be my favorite, but my wife and I tried Gold Canyon, we loved them. They burned more evenly and seemed to last longer. We live in Arizona, so not sure if you can get them on the east coast.

  • D

    I love Yankee Candle, too. I’ve tried others, but you are right – these are by far the best, burn the longest, and smell the best! It’s the one thing I ‘splurge’ on for myself (with a coupon, of course! ;)

  • Mikki L

    The coupon didn’t work online. It says in the fine print that yankeecandle.com is excluded. In store or by phone only.

    • Mikki L

      @Mikki L, Or not – it doesn’t show up right away in the cart, you have to almost completely checkout before the discount shows.