Weis Instant Savings – $.83 Magnum Ice Cream, $.92 Ragu


Details – This week at Weis, purchase $15.00 of participating Unilever Products and get $5.00 off instantly. Please note, Weis Deal are based on shelf prices, check your store for prices.

These deals are valid 7/28/13 to 8/3/13.   Note:  Please check your coupons for limits.  Unilever Coupons typically have a (2) per shopping trip limit.


Buy (9) Ragu Pasta Sauce $1.50 each ($1.79 Shelf Price)
use (2) $0.60/2 Ragu Item, exp. 8/25/13 (RP 07/28/13)
Get $5.00 off instantly
Pay $6.50 or $.92 each after coupons and instant savings

Buy (4) Hellman’s Mayonnaise $2.99 ($4.39 shelf price)
use (2) $0.60/1 Hellmann’s Product, exp. 8/25/13 (RP 07/28/13)
Get $5.00 off instantly
Pay $4.96 or $1.24 each after coupons and instant savings

Buy (7) Wishbone Salad Dressing $2.29 ($2.49 shelf price)
use (2) $0.70/1 Wish-Bone or Western Dressing, exp. 8/25/13 (RP 07/28/13)
Get $5.00 off instantly
Pay $9.03 or $1.29 each after coupons and instant savings

Buy (3) Magnum Ice Cream Bars or Fruttare $3.50 ($5.29 shelf price)
use $3/3 Breyers Klondike Magnum, Popsicle, Fruttare, or Good Humor Ice Cream Product, exp. 8/25/13 (RP 07/28/13)
Get $5.00 off instantly
Pay $2.50 or $.83 each after coupons and instant savings

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  • Karen

    Did the deal w/1 Magnum and 3 Fruttare and worked great. The only problem was that the store only had strawberry Fruttare and only had 3 in the case! I’m gonna try another store tomorrow for one last deal.

  • Brittney

    COuld you do this mulitple times in one trans? I have a 10 off 50 coupon also.

  • SherrieB

    Love me some Weis deals but man is this week a doozy!! :)

  • Jaime

    I just checked the online price (my store has e-shop), and the 3 count of Magnum is the one on sale for 2/$7 (with a $3.99 shelf price). The six counts are $4.99 ($5.39 shelf price) and are not part of the Unilever deal. So I will have to buy 4. Thanks for the heads up on the Get Grilling coupon book! Now I can save even more!

  • crystal

    I bought 9 jars of ragu for just a little over $16 and some ground turkey. I got home and noticed that the $5 came off twice. Anyone else have this happen. So I paid $7 for 2lbs of ground turkey and 9 bottles of ragu.

  • Kelly

    I went to Weis today and got 3 mayo (the shelf price here is $5.39) and the deal did not work…

    • The shelf price on the mayo is on a price cut — you may want to return it and try 4.

      • Anonymous

        I will give it a try- thanks

  • Cheryl

    You could do:
    (3) Magnum Bars
    (1) Fruttare
    Total: $14
    Use $3/3 coupon for the Magnum bars
    $1 coupon from the Get Grillin’ book for the Magnum Bars
    $1 coupon on Fruttare from 7/28 RP
    Get $5 instant savings
    Total: $4 !

    • FTM – Joe

      Thanks for sharing Cheryl! :)

  • KyleneW

    Weis instant savings…music to my ears! lol

    • FTM – Joe

      Mine too!

  • Susan

    I just did this deal. I bought 3 Magnum but the savings did not come off. So I bought a Fruittare. So in the end I purchased 3 Magnum and 1 Fruittare. Total before discounts were $14.00. After discounts of $3.00 coupon and $1.oo coupon and the $5.00 discount I paid $5.00.

    • FTM – Joe

      That’s still a great deal!

  • Donna

    At my Weis there was a coupon booklet, “Get Grillin” at the registers.. Store coupons, so can be stacked with Manu coupons. There is 1.00 off Magnum ice cream bars in there and 1.00 off two hellmans in there as well.

  • If I figured right, we can mix the products like this:
    2 Ragu, shelf price=$3.58, sale price=$3.00, coupon for .60/2 (doubled to $1)
    2 Hellmann’s, shelf price=$8.78, sale price =$5.98, 2 coupons for .60/1 (each doubled to $1)
    and 2 Wishbone Salad Dressing, shelf price=$4.98, sale price=$4.58, 2 coupons for .70/1 (each doubled to $1)
    Shelf price = $17.34;
    Sale Price minus Coupons = $8.56 minus $5 instant savings = $3.56 for all 6 items, for an average of 59 cents per item.
    Someone please feel free to check my math, because this seems like too good of a deal.
    Same question that Juvy and Susan have, can we do this deal more than once in a shopping trip or even in different trips?

  • Cheryl

    I keep telling myself I won’t buy any more ice cream but with these great deals lately I can’t help myself! :)

    • FTM – Joe

      I’m the exact same Cheryl!

  • Susan

    Can we do this deal more then once?

    • Bonnie

      Yes. I did the deal 3 times in one transaction and $5.00 came off after it reached $15.00 shelf price increments. I bought 3 Magnum, 1 Fruttare, 3 Wishbone, 3 Ragu and 2 Hellmans. Total before coupons and instant savings was $31.35. I used both Unilever coupons and coupons from the Get Grillin’ book totalling $9.25 and $15.00 instant savings. Paid $7.10 for all 12 items. (My coupons were different…$1.25/3 Ragu and $1.00/3 Wishbone but my shelf prices are generally higher.)

  • Andrea

    Yes! Need pasta sauce!

  • joy

    Is that 2 like coupons per shopping trip or 2 unilever coupons total?

    • 2 like Joy :)

      • Anonymous

        So at weis if the magnum are on sale do I have to buy enough at the sale price to equal the 15 or do u get the five off based on regular price

        • Samantha

          Based on regular (shelf) price. Just like the scenario listed above, you should only have to buy 3 as long as your store carries them for $5.29, too.

          • Samantha

            Watch out, these are 3.99 reg price at my store. Not as much of a deal unfortunately!

          • Susan

            It did not work for me to buy 3. I had to buy 4.

      • joy

        so would this work:

        (2) Ragu Pasta Sauce Shelf $1.79 Sale $1.50
        (2) Hellman’s Mayo Shelf $4.39 $2.99
        (2) Wishbone Dressing Shelf $2.49 $2.29
        Total Shelf $17.34, Sale $13.56
        (1) .60/2 Ragu
        (2) .60/1 Hellman’s
        (2) .70/1 Wishbone
        Save $5 instantly
        Pay $2.16 or .36 each

        • Jen

          Yes this would work except Weis doesn’t fully double so each of your coupons would be worth $1 not $1.20 or $1.40. Your total will be $3.56.

          • Bonnie

            Depends on the Weis. My Weis (Westminster, MD) fully doubles up to 99 cents. I figured it is because all the other stores in my area double coupons. The Weis 15 miles away only doubles up to 50 cents.

            • Kayla

              SO I am a bit confused as well, will these deals work if we meet the $20.00 before coupons or after coupons?

  • juvy

    yes love the magnum deal, how many transaction can we do?

  • Sarah

    Yes, we love Magnum bars!

    • FTM – Joe

      They are delicious!:)

  • jean


    • FTM – Joe

      Wow, is right Jean! :)

  • The Queen of CVS

    Oh, this is an awesome deal! I’m going to get some mayo!

    • FTM – Joe

      Me too and some Magnum and some Ragu! :)

      • 6 Ragu self price $2.59 on sale for $1.50 bought 6 used 2/ $1.25 off 3 $5 off paid oop $1.50.
        Question does anyone know if you can use the $10 weis buck coupon and get another $10 weis coupon doing the same deal just in s different transaction