Weis: Campbell’s Chunky Soup Double Dip Update

In addition to the Weis Campbell’s Instant Savings deal, there is a Chunky Soup Catalina printing. I wanted to test the catalina/instant savings on shelf price. I did this scenario three different ways. None of the scenarios used coupons (I ran out testing these deals). All scenarios used SHELF price.  These scenarios worked in Lancaster, PA, Shillington, PA  and Wyomissing, PA.  The soup was not 19oz, but 18.6 ozs.

The Chunky Catalina has nothing to do with shelf price, so it should be printing store wide.  If it is not printing, it leads me to believe that some type of soup is not programmed. 

1. First Transaction:  My card was scanned first. The items were rang up. The instant savings came off and the catalina printed.

2.  Second Transaction: My card was scanned last after all items were rang up. The instant savings came off and the catalina printed.

3. Last Transaction: I did this one at the self checkout.  I scanned my card first and then all the items.  The instant savings came off and the catalina printed.

So, I give up! I have no idea why it works for some and not others.  There are some rumors that Weis was updating their systems, but I have heard from my contact that this is not the case. 

But here is what I did:

Buy (6) 18.6 oz  Campbells Chunky Soup Cans ($2.39 Shelf Price) on sale 2/$3
Get $3.00  off instantly
Pay $6.00
Get $1.50 oyno
$4.50 or $.75 each after instant savings & catalina

So if you are trying these scenarios — I would love to know what store worked or didn’t work.

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  • SherrieB

    SO confused about Weis. It has always worked for me off of shelf prices at the Allentown South Cedar Crest store. When I ring it up at the self-scan the discount will come off automatically as soon as you hit the magic number. Well, for my first transaction the Del Monte fruit produced the $4 oyno after SHELF prices. For the second transaction I totalled $12 on SALE prices and it didnt come off at all, so the FE manager took it off of my total. That one included six Chunky soups and I only got $1.50 oyno. On my third transaction even though I added plenty of other non-featured things to total $12, it still did not take the $3 off until I added another random can of Campbell’s tomato soup, and the sale prices (for the featured items) only totalled $10.96. I know this sounds very confusing, and it was, but for those who shop Weis, I think you’ll understand. I still got some good deals for $20 oop, but it took forever and was a minor headache… :/

    • SherrieB

      I should also mention that the 2nd and 3rd transactions were on the Campbells/Pop Secret/Prego deals…

  • melanie

    just wondering how many times you can do the $3 off when you purchase $12….do you have to do separate transactions or one big one??? I did three different variations of the soup/popcorn/emerald breakfast and only got 1/$3 off instantly and a $2 catalina, in one transaction

  • susan b

    I live in south central PA…hour from Harrisburg. Ihave been doing the Weis deals for over a year and love the fact they are on shelf price. BUT…no this time. I did the chcken noodle soup deal, no go for the $3. Did the chunky, no go on the $3 but I did get $1.50 cat. And the spag O’s, no luck there either. I spoke with CS and they did give me the instant savings back on a gift card but I love it when it works at the register. One mgr suggested that it was because they had a re-Grand Opening, that things may have cahnged. I explained that it didn’t make any sense. Why would it work at one store and not at all stores. I will try again. Still, not a bad price but I liked it better when it went so smoothly. Happy Shopping!!

  • SherrieB

    I had success contacting Catalina with the botched Lunchables deals at Giant – I think it might be worth trying to contact them again for those that didnt get their catalinas on the soup – does anyone have the exact catalina info as to what size soups are supposed to be activating a catalina? I believe the quantities were 4-5 $1.00 oyno, 6-7 $2.50 oyno and 8-9 $3.00 oyno. Dont want to bombard them with emails unless we are actually buying the right products.

  • Nancy

    I bought 12 soups, received one $1.50 Cat coupon and also the $3 instant came off. This was at the Plains, PA store.

  • crystal

    I bought 6 chicken corn chowder in Allentown, Pa. I got the $3 off but no catalina.

  • megan

    anyone try this in Mount Joy or E-Town PA?

  • Tiffany

    Hey you were at my stores! Hope you had fun in Berks county :)

  • Shawna

    I went to the Lititz, PA store. The $3 came off instantly on SHELF price, but I didn’t get the catalina. Still, $4 for 6 cans of Chunky soup isn’t bad! Maybe the trick is to have at least $12 total with other things in your cart as well to get the catalina….

    • For the Mommas

      No the catalina is not based on dollars. It is based on units, so that theory won’t work for the catalina.

  • wendy

    I go to the NJ store in Hackettstown. I did the nestle and the cambell’s instant savings. I only did the nestle deal once, and it worked fine. I did the campbell’s multiple times and the only time it didn’t work was when my entire trip didn’t add up to $12. I found that it works on shelf price, but I need to buy other things to make my entire basket add up to $12. I have bought at least 4 chunky soups each time, but the only time I got a catalina was when I bought 4 of the chunky chicken noodle soups, no other flavors have printed catalinas for me even though they have all been chunky soups and the same weight. I plan on doing it two more times today. My nieces are very excited to have 15 cans of tomato soup, but I don’t think they will last long!

    • For the Mommas

      Thanks Wendy!

      • wendy

        I also wanted to mention that there are coupons on the campbell’s kitchen website. I’m not sure what was posted because there have been so many posts in regards to this deal. But I have been doing 4 chunky soups and using (2) .50/2 from both the coupons.com and the campbell’s kitchen website along with the $1/5 coupon for the condensed soups on the campbell’s kitchen website. The 9 cans are $15.81 shelf price (at my store) and $9.75 sale price minus the 3 coupons and $3 instant savings is $3.75 for the 9 cans. If you get the cat, then its $2.75!

        • For the Mommas

          Sorry I feel like I am beating a dead horse with these soup posts.. I hope they aren’t too annoying :(

          • wendy

            not at all, they are really helpful! I am new to Weis and yours is the only site that helps me out :) I just didn’t want to be redundant but I thought that was a really good deal so wanted to share it :)

        • Holly

          Thanks for the Campbell’s kitchen site – I hadn’t seen those q’s.

        • Holly

          Thanks again Wendy. With the Campbells kitchen site q’s and 1 from coupons.com, I just came home with 12 cans for $4 after q’s and cats! It did print for me on the 18.6 oz and the 19 oz. And I made sure I had $12 total in my transaction.

          • Wendy

            you’re welcome! glad I helped someone out, I think I mad 8 trips to weis this week, and I’m tempted to make more!

  • Jaime

    I did both the Chunky and the chicken noodle/tomato soup scenarios separately. NEITHER one worked on the shelf price….and I have never had this happen before. I went to the Bethlehem PA store on Route 512. I bought 8 Chunky, and with coupons, paid $5 and got a $2 catalina back. I then bought 16 chicken noodle/tomato cans, and after coupons and I used the $2 cat, paid $3.80. I’m pretty happy with the outcome, but I still don’t understand why the shelf price stopped working. I scanned my card before the transaction.

    • For the Mommas


      Thanks for the update. I am not even sure how to handle it going forward.

      • Chantal

        I live in Lewisburg, PA I purchased 6 of the Healthy Request soups. I got $3.oo off my order and received a $1.00 catalina. I was very happy!

        • For the Mommas

          Nice Chantal! Thanks for the update.