Target: $.09 Simply Lemonade Singles

If you haven’t printed these coupons , they  are still available.  Use zip 19606 if needed .

$1/1 Simply Orange Juice or $1/1 Simply Lemonade (or any size)  The single serve are a $1.09 at Target or $.09 after coupon.

If you prefer, the larger size are $2.29, making them $1.29 after coupon.


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  • Kelley B.

    So my husband and I were taking advantage of this deal last night and we had four of each product and four coupons for each product and the cashier proceeded to tell us that their coupon policy had just changed about two weeks ago saying that they will only accept four a like coupons. I advised that I had 3 different products, of four each and that the coupns should still be fine. They accepted them last night but the cashier preceeded to tell me that they will no longer accept coupons that are over the amount of the product itself (i.e. the Rimmel eyeshadow deal. I could only use the $2 off man. coupon and not the Target coupon on top of it.). They used to just lower the coupon amount to equal the amount of the product. She also proceeded to tell us that if we plan on donating to a charity that we now have to provide on the charities letter head stating that we are donating to them. She stated that it was new policy was over in customer service but when we looked, it just stated about quantites of products and nothing about coupons. So we asked another manager and she stated that they must not have gotten the rest of the policy up yet. I think that the letter for a charity is a bunch of BS because we like to donate on our own time when we have stuff. Does any of this make sense and is this happening at any other Target stores?

    • Shannon

      I have not heard about the charity thing? That sounds crazy!

  • Debbie

    I looked at Target and Walgreens but they only had Apple. I will check at Walmart. Thanks

  • Shevon

    $1.49 for the singles at my target and $2.44 for the larger size. Paid $1.44 for one! Thanks!

  • Becky

    They’re a $1.00 at Walmart making them free. (single serve)