Sunday Coupon Preview | Week of 3/18/12

Here Is The Sunday Insert Coupon Preview For 3/18/12.

We will get 2 Inserts the week 3/18/12- 1 Redplum and 1 Smartsource

Keep in mind that many areas get different coupons. This should be used as just a guideline.

You can check out the entire Sunday Coupon preview here.


  1. Jackie

    Did i have a meltdown this morning LOL! My sat. papers have the coupons in so we get for 5 different people in town so i sent my husband to the store and he brings back 20 papers NOT one coupon in any of them, I called the store they were really nice and refunded me my money, and we hit two other stores then finally found papers with the coupons in them thank goodness, my neighbors would have been dissappointed too. So Check Your Papers tomorrow make sure they have COUPONS :)

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