Sunday Coupon Insert Preview | Week of 1/8/12

Here Is The Sunday Insert Coupon Preview For 1/8/12.

We will get UP TO 6 INSERTS! Wowsers – this is a great, great, great coupon week! Did I mention that it is a great coupon week?  So, what coupons are you looking forward to!?

Keep in mind that many areas get different coupons. This should be used as just a guideline.

You can check out the entire Sunday Coupon preview here.

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  • Christie

    and no smart source #2 either – think im getting robbed

  • Christie

    We didn’t get 6 inserts in our paper this week. no walmart and no target (Princeton Indiana)

  • Pradeepa Kjelden via Facebook

    Thank you for shairing this info.

  • Amanda Gilbert via Facebook

    Expired Coupons for Overseas Military– take a look at that page.. Gives you all the information where you can send your expired coupons!!

  • Danielle Donovan Stuart via Facebook

    Please send your coupons to the troops .. I will share an address for you that I got from another couponer on FB …

  • Kelly

    Wow.. they are def making up for not getting anything during the holidays. I can only hope we get all of those here in the Pittsburgh area. Seems like we never get the target coupons. I usually get 10 papers every week, but it only costs me $5.05 total. My local grocery store “usually” has a bundle package of 2 papers for $1.01… I know I’m extremely lucky with this and take advantage of it!

  • Michelle Sourisak via Facebook

    Don’t toss old coupons, they can be donated to the military!!

  • Yay! Went through my binder reorganized & tossed expired coupons .. its looking sparse. .. we need good coupons

  • Shannon Parker Matthews via Facebook


  • Looks like I’ll be able to restock my dwindling coupon supply.

  • Yeah, I get a “preview” free paper on Thursday with usually 1 insert from the upcoming sundays paper… and today I got 2 Smartsources. :-)

  • Wow-6 inserts!!!

  • Debbie Rice via Facebook

    Guess I’ll be getting up early to get some extra papers.

  • Yep great coupon week!!!!!

  • Rebecca G.

    I mainly only use the ones you print. I don’t use a lot of the newspaper ones.

  • Mea E Hill via Facebook

    Ok- I have a question. I am really trying to figure the coupon thing out- I understand the newspaper stuff- but is it necessary to print from home too? The reason I ask os because we don’t have a printer…

  • Grace

    WOWZA! And I was just starting to enjoy my nice and very “light” binder after cleaning out ALL of the 12/31/11 expired ones. :)

  • Karen

    Thanks Shannon! How is it that you always make my day or give me something to look forward to!

    As always, thanks again!!!

    • Shannon

      Hey Karen, anytime!

  • Check your local dollar stores because mine sells the paper for $1 instead of paying the full price. Not too sure how many I’m getting myself but I do like what I’m seeing!

  • Melissa Warren via Facebook

    About time we get some decent ones!

  • I get 2 Baltimore Sun and 2 Wash Post, but if there’s something super, I’ll run out and get a few more!

  • Jennifer A Guers via Facebook

    I bought 4 last week. I guess it will be the same this week.

  • I do not look forward to filing 6 sets of inserts lol

  • i get them for $1.60 at rite aid because of my discount.. I’m also suppose to be teaching someone how to coupon + a lady who is due in 4 weeks with twins just lost everything in a fire and I’m suppose to be helping her out too.. so i’m not sure..

  • Wowza

  • WOW! Nice!

  • Briana Mariano – I decided on 5, but I only pay $1.00 for my paper, what are you thinking?

  • well its a good thing i finished clipping and filing my last months worth last night.. now the ? is how many to buy