Staples – Free 5 Ream Case of Copy Paper

One of the best deals we can get to print coupons, free mulit-purpose copy paper. This week only, print this new Staples coupon out to receive a free 5 ream case of copy paper.  The paper is free after Staples Rewards. This coupon is valid in store only and expires on 3/2/13.

Print: Free Staples 5 Ream Case of Copy Paper

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  • Anonymous

    Just a note: It is not free. You pay $20 and tax at check out. The case is $24.99 plus tax when you use the coupon it takes $4.99 off your purchase leaving you to pay $20.00 and tax at check out. *Nothing else needs to be bought to get the $4.99 off *.
    I bought the case at $20 and tax anyway because I needed paper. But I had to pay the $20 and tax out of my pocket.

    • Jen

      It will be considered free when you receive the $20 back in Staples Rewards as long as you used your Staples card. These rewards spend similar to ECBs at CVS or UPRs at RiteAid except instead of getting them right away they are mailed or emailed to you later.

    • Anonymous

      What is the rebate number?

      I purchased the paper and did not get a rebate form. The cashier said that I would receive an email with the rebate information. Of course, I did not receive any email,

      So, I tried to claim the rebate online, but Staples website wants the rebate number, which I do not have.

      Does anybody know the rebate number for this offer?

      • For the Mommas

        This deal was valid thru 3/2/13.

  • Anonymous

    Can this offer be combined with the 20% off anything that can fit into a bag offer they are running this week?

    • Jen

      If you would like to pay less out of pocket then yes. But you will not get the full amount back in rewards, you will only get back what you paid. Your deal would look like this:
      -4.99 staples coupon
      -20% off coupon (should deduct $4)
      Receive $16 Staples Rewards back.

      So your out of pocket will be lower but you will break even either way. It will not be a money maker.

    • Holly

      My sister did this deal and was able to get the 20% off also.

  • Anonymous

    Just a note: Not free….. You pay $20.oo and tax at check out. The case is $24.99 and with coupon minus the $4.99 it is $20 and tax at check out.

    Thank you for the listing this coupon whoever posted it for people to enjoy. Was very nice of you for taking time to post these for everyone.

    • Anonymous

      I think she means that it’s considered “free” because you “break even” when you get the $20 back in Staples Rewards Dollars.

  • Anonymous

    Do you have a blog or link to explain how to shop at staples? Not sure how those rewards work? Thanks

    • Kelly

      I’ve never had luck shopping at Staples. One time I bought $40 worth of rebate stuff even confirming it with a salesperson only to get $0 back. Their “Easy Rewards” aren’t very easy as far as I can tell.

      • Jen T

        I had the same thing happen to me twice with their Staples Rewards, and nobody would reply to my e-mails. I’ll only do Staples Easy Rebates, because I’ve never had a problem with those.

  • jen

    do you know if u need to purchase anything or not to get this offer???