Special K BOGO Coupon

For those of you who have been taunted by the Special K BOGO Coupon — I have a nice little surprise for you. Printable Coupons and Deals let me know that Special K posted it on their Facebook page.

So you can go here to print your coupon.    Hallelujah is all I can say – nothing worse than fighting with a coupon.  Note- you may not be able to print if you already printed it.

You can use it for the Rite Aid deal this week or next.

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  • Christy Ammel

    Okay, looks like I had to go to the facebook page and click on their link, set up a SpecialK account and then print the coupon. Round-about way of doing it but it worked.

  • Christy AMmel

    I went to the site and it wouldn’t let me print at all. Kept telling me I was over the allowed number. Even though I hadn’t printed any at all. I guess I’ll have to contact Kelloggs directly.

  • Judy

    Thank you for ending that nightmare for me!! I kept going to the website and going through the steps and never got a prompt or anything to print the coupon and then I finally just gave up.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you!

  • Misty

    So I emailed them the other night b/c I couldn’t print mine, and they are SO sending me a coupon for a free box of cereal! Whoop whoop!! ( =

  • Rachael Y.

    Yeahhh!! You are the BEST!!! I clicked on your link and waalaa, my coupon printed. I’m so glad I procrastinated on printing it the other way.

  • Becky Barley

    It let me print 2 again! YAY! Thanks

  • Jennifer Young

    I just got an email in my inbox today and was able to print from the website. I had not printed it before. Was able to print it 2x. Hope that helps someone?

  • I couldn’t print it again, I already printed my 2 out…

  • Barbara