Smart Ones Coupon – Save $4.00 on any 10 Weight Watchers Smart Ones

Head over here to get a $4.00/10 Weight Watchers Smart Coupon when you sign up.

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  • SherrieB

    I’ve tried three times and I just cant get this coupon to appear…? Oh well, I’ll buy Smart Ones another time. Needed to spend less anyway lol.

    • Andrea

      Maybe the site knew you didn’t need it :-P

      • Hot mess Andrea! This one was an email one, it looks like it is taking awhile for the coupons to come.

        • Andrea

          Personally I think Sherrie needs cheese fries, not smart ones.

          • Well my butt has told me no more cheese fries.. but guess what I had last night.. CHEESE FRIES! Gotta do something with all that cheese from Redners!

            • Andrea

              Guess who’s got two thumbs and having cheese fries tonight?? THIS GIRL!!