Rite Aid – Free Utz Potato Chips

utz chips

Rite Aid – Utz Potato Chips are free at Rite Aid after monthly UPR. Purchase Utz Potato for $.99 Chips and get a $1.00 UPR. There is a limit of 2.

Please note, not all stores carry Utz Potato Chips, please check your location for signs. This deal is valid through 7/27/13.

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  • kandi

    i didn’t find these at my store but they had pretzel rods .99 get $1 up.

  • Rachel

    So can u buy more than 3 and still get upr? Limit of 2, 3 upr or just 1, 3 upr

  • Denise

    what size bag did it work on? I bought the 99 cent regular with no UPR printed. I did however do this deal in May. Could that be the reason?

  • Lin

    Didn’t work at my Rite Aid in Pennsburg PA

  • Carol

    I tried this today and it was marked but the ups didn’t print so I asked and they said it was marked wrong and couldn’t give me the up because it was only 99 cents. I commented that I saw it on the internet and that I found it hard to believe that every store had it marked wrong but it didn’t work. She ended up giving me one bag for free when I bought one. Not as good a deal and I was pretty disappointed but oh well. My husband just started working there so I can’t fight too hard.

  • Kat

    No Monthly Up printing at my store… Why?

    • SherrieB

      I dont think Shannon et al would know why this didnt print at your store. Your best bet is to call customer service at 1800Riteaid – they have always been very helpful if I’ve needed to call.

  • Jen

    I love this deal! It’s been going on the last couple of months and I’ve done it every time. With my 20% off gold status I only pay 79 cents each so it’s like they are paying me 21 cents for each bag I take. Also I was able to do this 3 times this month and all three ecbs printed. The sign in my store even said limit 3.

    • Kate

      Yup. I bought 3 and got 3 UPs. :)