Rite Aid: $5.00/$25.00 Printable Coupon

The $5.00/$25.00 printable Rite Aid coupon is back.

I was able to reprint this again.  Make sure you change to 50 mile radius.

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  • THANK YOU!! I can certainly make use of this one!

  • Mary Beth

    I just used 19083 with the 50 mile radius and it worked ( I think it’s a PA zip code)

  • Meghan

    Try 19549. Worked for me.

  • Rosy

    What zipcode did you use. I’m not able to see it.

  • JJ

    Yes, please share the zip code. :0)

  • janis

    could you please tell me what zip you’re using? I’ve tried a few, and i’m not seeing anything. Thx.