Rite Aid: $5.00/$25.00 Printable

There is a $5.00/$25.00 Printable on Redplum here that is printing for some. (I could not print it on the Mac, but that could be my learning curve issue – but I cannot guarantee this is printing, just reporting what others are saying)

I did talk to Rite Aid today – could not get a straight answer on whether or not this coupon will be a problem. It is currently scanning and still live on Redplum — so I am imagining you can try to use it.

My store is still not accepting any and I am hearing this from some of you too.

Good Luck and thanks to everyone who emailed about this coupon – and being patient while I checked with Rite Aid.


  1. tami

    Okay, i was using the $5/$25 PDF coupon that expires 10/31 & it has been beeping since Friday. All the cashiers & managers have been pushing it through,
    so i went to use one today & it didn’t beep at all!! It went right through. So, anybody that still has them, you might want to try again.

  2. Dizzy Mommy

    My Rite Aid told me today that till things are fully figured out they will not be taking any $/off $ including the video values ones. They will take UPs but that is all because they are too scared to get into trouble. My store Manager told me a couple local stores of ours got into a lot of trouble a couple of weeks ago about coupons. She knows i do everything legit but just cannot take chances even my $4/$20 coupon because some have gotton in trouble for accepting coupons that dont beep and are according to her legit because the experation date hasnt come.

  3. Shannon


    This is a fraudulent coupon that someone uploaded to a google doc.

  4. amy

    not there anymore?? can’t find it!

  5. Tracy

    I used the one from RP today and it went through w/o beeping. The pdf beeped and they wouldn’t take it.

  6. Awesome! Printed for me. On my mac, using Safari.

    I have issues printing any kind of coupons with Chrome. I stick with Safari.

  7. Kristin

    I couldn’t get it to print in IE8 or firefox. I even tried clicking another coupon with it to get it to print but only the other coupon printed :(

  8. Roseann

    Won’t print for me and I have a PC. Have no clue why!

  9. It may be the same one as I could not print it either in firefox or safari – but also on a mac, but other redplum print fine. I assume it will not print since I already have printed it. OH WELL!

  10. Michele

    Just sits there. Thanks for trying
    Your Grocery offers are printing… these offers will print directly to your default printer without a prompt.

    • Shannon


      Thats what it is doing for me, but others are reporting it printing.

      • Dee

        @Shannon, Same message but not printing for me. I have printed both the normal redplum one and the special one that was available to print just one or two days (after they fixed it)

        • Tiffany

          Same message here and I’ve never printed a 5/25 from Red Plum before… didn’t work in FireFox or IE.

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