Rite Aid: $5.00/$25.00 Printable

There is a $5.00/$25.00 Printable on Redplum here that is printing for some. (I could not print it on the Mac, but that could be my learning curve issue – but I cannot guarantee this is printing, just reporting what others are saying)

I did talk to Rite Aid today – could not get a straight answer on whether or not this coupon will be a problem. It is currently scanning and still live on Redplum — so I am imagining you can try to use it.

My store is still not accepting any and I am hearing this from some of you too.

Good Luck and thanks to everyone who emailed about this coupon – and being patient while I checked with Rite Aid.

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  • tami

    Okay, i was using the $5/$25 PDF coupon that expires 10/31 & it has been beeping since Friday. All the cashiers & managers have been pushing it through,
    so i went to use one today & it didn’t beep at all!! It went right through. So, anybody that still has them, you might want to try again.

  • Dizzy Mommy

    My Rite Aid told me today that till things are fully figured out they will not be taking any $/off $ including the video values ones. They will take UPs but that is all because they are too scared to get into trouble. My store Manager told me a couple local stores of ours got into a lot of trouble a couple of weeks ago about coupons. She knows i do everything legit but just cannot take chances even my $4/$20 coupon because some have gotton in trouble for accepting coupons that dont beep and are according to her legit because the experation date hasnt come.

  • Shannon


    This is a fraudulent coupon that someone uploaded to a google doc.

  • amy

    not there anymore?? can’t find it!

  • Tracy

    I used the one from RP today and it went through w/o beeping. The pdf beeped and they wouldn’t take it.

  • Awesome! Printed for me. On my mac, using Safari.

    I have issues printing any kind of coupons with Chrome. I stick with Safari.

  • Kristin

    I couldn’t get it to print in IE8 or firefox. I even tried clicking another coupon with it to get it to print but only the other coupon printed :(

    • sandra

      @Kristin, same here, nethin! darnn, nice try tho!

  • Roseann

    Won’t print for me and I have a PC. Have no clue why!

  • It may be the same one as I could not print it either in firefox or safari – but also on a mac, but other redplum print fine. I assume it will not print since I already have printed it. OH WELL!

  • Michele

    Just sits there. Thanks for trying
    Your Grocery offers are printing… these offers will print directly to your default printer without a prompt.

    • Shannon


      Thats what it is doing for me, but others are reporting it printing.

      • Dee

        @Shannon, Same message but not printing for me. I have printed both the normal redplum one and the special one that was available to print just one or two days (after they fixed it)

        • Tiffany

          Same message here and I’ve never printed a 5/25 from Red Plum before… didn’t work in FireFox or IE.