Purina Pro Plan Dog or Cat Food Coupon – Save $5.15

ProPlanDetails: Head over here to get a high value Purina Pro Plan Brand Dry Dog or Cat Food Coupon. The coupon is good for $5.15 off any one (1) package of Purina Pro Plan brand dry Dog Food or dry Cat Food.

Thanks, Melanie

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  • krispykreemd

    I used this at Walmart where I found the box sized cat food for $2.98.
    It worked fine and gave me the $5.15 without a hitch. Only problem was that the self checkout register I was using had a problem with the electronic eye in the coupon accepting slot. Usually I would scan my Q’s and then pay, inserting cash in the bill collector, then when I pay enough it then asks for the coupons, I had multiple coupons for other items, but after every coupon I was not prompted to insert my coupon, I put them all in one by one making sure to blow into the slot after to make sure the coupon had cleared the eye, but no dice. The last coupon went in, the machine thought I had not even put at least one in, so it froze. You have the option to push “done” on the screen but i guess it only works with at least one “seen: coupon passing the eye (as if you may had just stacked them all together and put them in the slot), So the CS manager had to retreive my $20 bill and my coupons and reboot the machine, I was checked out my the manager at their station. My Walmart has a policy that if it scans its good, no scan means they dont accept it.

  • Lucy

    I have four dogs and none of them like this pro plan dog food.lol. I got a free sample from Walmart before and tried it to them, they sniffed and walk away. …