Pop-Tarts Coupon – Save $.50/1

There is a new Pop-Tarts Coupon available to print. The coupon is good for $.50 off any one Pop Tarts. I would print this coupon now, because it probably won’t last long.

Printable Pop Tart Coupon 

I didn’t have a chance to check for deals this week, let us know if you see any!


  1. Colleen

    Acme has Pop Tarts 2 for $4 this week, so just $1 a box after this coupon!

  2. nicole

    thanks joanne

  3. Deb

    still available and working for me

  4. Lauren

    $1.88 or $1.98 at Bottom Dollar Food

  5. Ketta

    I just came from Kroger.. Poptarts are $2.07 so if your Kroger doubles, that will make them $1.07 per box…

  6. Rachael

    I just got mine to print. Thank You for the heads up on the q.

  7. Debra

    Mmmm… Strawberry unfrosted Poptarts! Breakfast of Champions! haha!

  8. Joanna

    Thank you very much!! :D

  9. Patricia

    thank you , you do wonderful things

  10. Meg

    Thank you for letting us know! Got mine!

  11. Ketta

    I didn’t lose my prints when they were having issues.. I’m still able to print.. I hope everyone else is too :O)

  12. Eric

    For the Mommas always on the ball to make sure we get the deals!!!

  13. Erin

    Got it! Thanks!!!!

  14. Awesome Thank you! Got them!

  15. Ketta

    Thank you so much!! I got it :o)

  16. Sandy

    Up and running !

  17. Coupons.com was having issues, it is printing again ladies.

  18. i just printed inchrome, after clicking the help button

  19. mindy

    yay, just worked after being difficult earlier this morning. $0.49 at Genaurdis when you buy 4!!

  20. Ketta

    It didn’t work for me either :o(

  21. Joanna

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one, although, I wish the rest of you had been able to get one, even if I didn’t. :( Oh well, have a great day anyway!

  22. Erin

    It wouldn’t work for me either

  23. Rachael

    I also had the same problem.

  24. It’s wierd. Asked for a zip code, then acted like it was printing, said thank you, but no print.

  25. Gaylynn

    This didnt work for me….when it said to print, it took me to a page to enter my zip code… then said “thank you for printing this coupon, you may close this window”…but it never printed. I did that twice….???

  26. Melissa

    having trouble with the link, is this a web site coupon or FB COUPON?

  27. the link wont work for me

  28. jovialjax

    I had to get it mailed to me! I’ve never had issues with printing from Coupons.com before… Hey, as long as I get one, I’m happy. Two, even happier. :)

  29. Chrystal

    says Thank you for printing but it never printed :(

  30. Oh no! I guess I’ll be getting ink tonight! lol

  31. Joanne Massini Podagrosi – I find that works about 10% of the time. For some reason, they just don’t send them.

  32. You can also have them mailed to you. Just click on the help link. I did – need to buy ink and didn’t want to miss out on this coupon;~)

  33. Staci


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