Physician’s Formula Organic Mascara “Try Me Free” Rebate

There is a Physician’s Formula Rebate offer available.

Offer:  Physicians Formula Organic Wear Lash Boosting Mascara “Try Me Free”  Rebate

Valid Dates: Between 1/1/2012 and 11/15/2012

Terms: Try Me Free  label attached to the product and your original sales receipt with purchase price circled.

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  • Laura

    I was able to get mine at Ulta and it had the try me free label on it!

  • alison

    Some of the cvs stores are slow at getting their stock in with the rebate peelie…went to mine today…there were lots. The peelie states you have to have it for the rebate, but it says 2012 not 2011.

  • sarah

    Well, I was so excited when I found some of the products at Rite Aid today. I got a $5 Up reward too. Well, when I pulled the peelie off to attach it to the rebate form, I noticed that it says must be sent in by 12/31/11! Does anyone know if they will still honor the rebate or should I just return them?

  • Linda Buchanan

    I have been checking at various stores and I cannot find one with the “Try Me Free” offer attached. I can find plenty without the offer. I wrote the company but they have not answered. Will let you know if they answer that they will honor without the attached coupon.

    • Laura

      If you have an Ulta store near you, you should check there because that’s where I got mine.

  • nicole

    Yeah, I noticed when I got home there was a label there before, but now I don’t have one either. I really think its dumb that they are requiring that you have the TRY ME FREE label.

    • Roxanne Gaudious-Chagas

      no thats right you have to have the label!

  • nicole

    I got mine at CVS thinking I just had to buy it, but the TRY ME FREE Label looks like it was torn off, so I don’t think I can get the rebate now. UGH!!!

  • Lorin

    Where is this mascara sold?