P&G Rebate – $10.00 Prepaid Card wyb $30.00 {Select Stores}

P&G Rebate

There is a new P&G Rebate offer available. Purchase $30.00 of participating P&G products and get a $10.00 Prepaid Card by Mail. THIS IS SELECT STORES ONLY – Local stores include Shoprite and Redners.

Check to see if your store is participating and download your P&G Rebate Form. Promotion ends: 6/30/13. Please check participating store for exact offer dates. Offer dates may vary by location.

View P&G Rebate Offer

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  • Dee

    SCAM……….. have over $30 of P & G products! This is an outright scam! Beware!

    • Debbie

      Dee do you have issues yes i think you do :) Why don’t you try going for a long walk off a short pier and go bother someone else. For the mommas is trying to help people she doesn’t have anything to do with these companies, she is just trying to help us save money and i for one appreciate it! So we could all do without your loud comments when you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Thank you for the mommas for all your hard work that you do for me for free.

    • Jen

      By Mail!!!!!

      • Jen

        8 months ago, lol.

        • Debbie

          lol jen :)

    • Anonymous

      April 29, 2013

  • Denise

    I just bought Tide and Downy YESTERDAT 1/25/2014. I now see this offer ended in 6/2013….WTH? Im heading back to Target!

  • cletus kowalski

    I also went to this website to download the rebate form and of course it also showed that the time had expired for this rebate. What is going on. You want us to purchase your products but make it so hard to do what you would like us to do. That gives me the impression that you do not want us to purchase your products. Call me about this 419-693-3003. Cletus g. Kowalski.

    • cheesefries

      Cletus, You have just put your phone number on the internet for everyone to see. This is a website for people who use coupons, not the website for the company. FTM does not sell P&G products. The date on this post is April 29th, 2013. You can find that it in the upper right-hand corner. As well, you will find the expiration date for the rebate within the body of the actual post. I hope I have helped and that you are able to more thoroughly navigate this wonderful site that helps people in so many ways. And please, for the future, try to refrain from posting your phone number, or any personal information for that matter. It’s kind of like the bad guys finding it on the bathroom wall. You don’t want those “For a good time, call Cletus 419-xxx-300x” calls.

      • cheesefries

        My apologies. You can find the date in the upper LEFT-hand corner. Please read this Cletus. I don’t want you to be even more confused.

        • Lactose Intolerant

          Cheesefries sounds like a big meanie. I find that typical of your dairy-based user names.

  • Barbara Graff

    Everytime I go and get the form. It said it hasbeen expired. What am I doing wrong?

  • Chris

    Sure wish Target was one of these stores. Would have been interested to try this with all the Listerine mouthwash I just got.

    • Jen

      I was thinking the same thing! That would’ve been awesome to double dip with Target! Oh well…