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Pepsi Coupon 2012

There are new Pespi Coupons available to print.

Thanks, Hip2Save

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  • Ai Goeku Cheung via Facebook

    The $5.00 for a 24pk at Vons/Pavilions is only on Friday…but a good deal with the $1 off

  • Melissa Owen via Facebook

    It wont let me print the $1 off the 24 pack. I have no problems with the others

  • Melissa

    It wont let me print the $1.00 off the 24 pack of cans :-( I can print all the others.

  • Ai Goeku Cheung via Facebook

    I think I saw the 24pk for 5.00 at Pavilions

  • Kara Lehner via Facebook

    Redners has Pepsi cases 4/10.00 this week.

  • Jenna Haze via Facebook


  • Casi Cobb via Facebook

    @ delphie Ive printed from HEB before in the past and used at the local stores. If anyone has a Meijer around them they are on sale for 5.50 a case. Sucks I already got a couple cases this week without the coupon. Guess I will be go back and get a couple more and store.

  • Jennifer Corner Driehurst via Facebook

    Wish I had my printer. Target has pepsi and Mt. Dew for 4 for $11 on 6 pack 24fl oz bottles and 24 cans

  • For the Mommas via Facebook

    Heather Covert McCarthy – oh my goodness heather! That was so funny i hurt myself giggling.

  • For the Mommas via Facebook


  • Marissa

    Yay, how rare are these? Thanks so much! :)

  • Delphie Thielen Hocking via Facebook

    says manufacturer, but has the HEB logo. Hopefully they will take them at my local store

  • Alycia Brickley via Facebook

    are these store or manu. coupons

  • Heather Covert McCarthy via Facebook

    Okay, let’s talk about this for a minute. What’s a 1.5 liter? Is that like, “honey, I shrunk the two liter and hope you don’t notice?”

    • Tara

      LOL that is awesome! My husband said the same thing when they first came out. It’s like they the same thing with what used to be the 24 oz bottles and are now 16.9 oz. Let’s charge the same price, put less in it, and hope no one notices!

  • Connie LeAnn Byars via Facebook

    Soda coupons are so hard to find. Can you suggest any sites or ways for me to get them?