Rite Aid: Free Stride Gum


So, no matter how you feel about Rite Aid, you have to admit the deals are ROLLING the last few weeks!  Here is another freebie!

There is a new Stride Gum Coupon available to print. The Stride Coupon is on the Target site, but it a manufacturer coupon.

This week at Rite Aid, purchase two Stride Gum and get a $1.00 UPR.

Here is the deal:

Buy (2) Stride Gum $2.00
use Buy One, Get One Free Coupon
Pay $1.00
Get $1.00 UPR
Free after coupon & UPR

You can use  $.25/1 Stride Gum RA Video Value from August if you watched it.  Thanks Holly.

Check here for more freebies at  Rite Aid

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  • Anonymous

    doesn’t work on me. I paid $2 for 2 pack of gums without up reward. It’s $1.49/pack in store, and coupon is maxim to $1. Anyway, it’s ok to make a mistake once a while.

    • For the Mommas

      Did you buy Stride ID? It is not included in the sale. It is not a mistake, check your ad.

  • Holly

    I asked to opt out too today. I feel like I have no idea how many UPRs I have and if they are being used or not or how many I have left. I did the Stride deal. My q’s didn’t scan either but she entered them in manually. I got 8 packs free!! No balloons on sale at my store but I did find more sock options on an end cap. $2.50 for 6 pairs, not too bad.

  • Judy

    I opted out of having my UP rewards loaded to my card and this deal still did not work – I did not realize it until I got home, but I plan to go back to the store and have them adjust it. They ended up charging me $1.69 for each one and then the UP rewards for the gum did not print on my receipt.

  • So you can use a Target Coupon on a Rite Aid purchase?

    • For the Mommas


      The Stride Gum coupon on the Target Site is a manufacturer coupon. You may use it anywhere.


  • Anonymous

    If you haven’t opted out of the load to card ups you need to give your coupons before the cashier scans your card or else it will subtract your ups before you can give your coupons. As long as you have them ring in your order then coupons then give your card you will be all set. I chose to opt out though because I think it is easier to keep track of them on paper.

  • genie

    This coupon was not accepted at my riteaid. Beeped .

  • Brittany

    I just did this deal and am so annoyed with RA right now! I tried to use the coupon but they wouldn’t take it since my account had $2 UPR already loaded to the card. I told them I didn’t want to use both UPR because I wanted to use the coupon but they just shrugged. The cashier called a manager and I asked to cancel the sale and they just said “you might as well take the gum because the system already subtracted your rewards.” They said to avoid this going forward I have to opt-out of the load2card. Does anyone else have this problem?

    • Peggy

      The same thing happened to me last week. I noticed the UPRs applied first so my last $2 coupon beeped because the total came down to $1.89. I asked the manager if she could take off one of my UPRs so I could use the coupon but she said it’s all automatic and she can’t take anything off. When I got back home, I chatted with an RA rep online and she said the order goes: first coupons, then your Wellness discount, and THEN your UPRs. I told her my UPRs applied first and she said she’ll contact the regional manager who apologized and said he’d look into it. I had already decided to opt out eventually but that situation made me do it now rather than later because I can’t trust it won’t happen again.

      • Brittany

        I opted out on the spot too; thanks for explaining. At least I may be able to roll my UPR from today by trying again tomorrow and just not giving my card until the end of the transaction.

  • Allie

    is there a limit? like, can I do this deal twice?

    • Holly

      There is a limit of 4 UPRs. I printed 4 q’s so I think I can get 8 packs free!

  • Ana

    Keep the freebies coming!!! Thx FTM.

    • For the Mommas


  • Holly

    There’s also a $ .25 VV.

    • Ana

      Holly, what is a vv??

      • Holly

        Video value online. It may have been from Aug. though.

        • Ana

          Im not sure if I watched the the video but i will check , thanks!