New Smuckers Uncrustables Coupon

There is a new  Smuckers Uncrustables Coupon available to print on Facebook.  Click on the coupon tab to see the offer.

Value:  Save $1.00/1 Smuckers Uncrustables

March is Frozen Food Month at many grocery stores, so you may want to check for a sale on these.  Check out Giant’s Frozen Food Month offer, 10% off your next  purchase when you purchase $75.00.

Looking for more printable coupons?  Check the coupon database.


  1. Dawn via Facebook

    exp on 3/31

  2. Sue via Facebook

    My hubby left the door open on the deep freezer in the garage for three days! I have room – LOL. But we dont like these. Miss the grilled cheese ones terribly! Wish theyd bring them back!

  3. Noelle via Facebook

    Anyone have the expiration date on these?

  4. Claire via Facebook

    it let me print out 4 from each computer!! These are a lifesaver for 2 boys!!

  5. Kelly via Facebook

    After running out of ink the first of February I made sure to buy extra ink for today just in case lol. Not gonna make that rookie mistake again and run out lol.

  6. i know I need one of those deep freezer things because I just dont have the room to put everything…

  7. Karren via Facebook

    I think I need a bigger freezer, too….might be checking Lowes later LOL Did they ever fix their lowes buld & grow registration?

  8. Karren via Facebook

    It’s looking grim…..gonna have to make an emergency trip to Staples today to recycle my ink cartridges and redeem my Rewards for more ink LOL

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