New Ibotta Coupons: Classico & More

There are new Ibotta coupons available to add to your account:

  • Classico Red Pasta Sauce – Any variety – 24 oz. jar only ($0.50)
  • Thomas’ Bagels – Any variety – 6 ct bag only ($0.50)
  • Emergen-C Original Formula, Any flavor – 30 ct box ($0.75)


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  • Amy

    I really wish they would get around to including
    Weis’s and Giant stores! That’s where I buy
    90% of my products because they double

  • Joanna

    Good Evening,
    I am new to this website and was wondering if someone could explain Ibotta or guide to the information.

    • Becky Simpkins

      I’m new to the site, also. However, what I can tell so far is this. You will see several different products. Choose what you have or will buy. click on the 2-3 different circle things along the bottom. Each will be maybe a piece of info on the item, a short survey question, or maybe an opportunity to post it to facebook. each thing you complete for that item will provide you with a chance to make money, maybe $0.25 each, etc. for instance, I recently purchased Colgate and Speed Stick. After completing the surveys, etc, I clicked on the UPC symbol at the top right of the screen. This allows you to scan the item’s UPC. Then click “redeem”. Now you will need to take a picture of your receipt. If the receipt is too long to get on one screen, you can “add on”. It will then get back to your email, letting you know you have money earned, such as $2.00 available to post to your Paypal or to donate to a school or to the United Way.