New $.70/1 Kellogg’s Krave Coupon & Deals

There is a new Kelloggs Krave Coupon  available to print.    We have seen this on sale for $2.00 recently at Weis and Giant.

Value:  Save $.70/1 Kelloggs Krave Coupon  

Here are a few deals:


Kellogg’s Krave $2.50 (based on store price not in ad)
use $.70/1 printable coupon
$1.10 after coupon


Starting next week 5/6, there is a Kellogg’s Milk Catalina. If included this would make for a great deal. I don’t have confirmation on what is included but:

Buy (4) Kelloggs Krave $10.00
use (4) $.70/1 printable coupons
Pay $6.00 after coupons for 4 boxes of cereal and milk

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  • Ka-la

    Giant has a promo going on right now: Buy 3 kelloggs cereals save 44 immediately plus get a coupon for a free gallon of milk.

    3 boxes of Krave @ $3.50/ea
    Save $4.00 immediately
    Use 3 coupons (giant doubles) for $4.20 off

    3 boxes of Krave PLUS a gallon of milk for only $2.57 Total final cost!!!

  • Naomi

    I just did this deal too! Got 4 Krave (only had 3 coupons–my printer didn’t print the 4th). I also had a peelie for $3/milk and the boxes had the Spider Man promo codes. It printed the free milk cat too with no problems.

    FYI – you need 6 codes to get 1 free ticket. I have 5 right now. I’m trying to decide if I should buy just 1 more box of cereal, or if I should buy enough to get 2 free tickets. Decisions, decisions…….

  • kelly

    I have had some trouble with the $3.00 off milk peelies- If you use coupons for the cereal and then try and use the milk coupon- the computer will tell you have used to many coupons. This isn’t true- the milk peelie coupon says you save $3.00 on milk- not the cereal – making a valid 1 coupon per item deal. Just curious if anyone else has had a similar problem..

    • Naomi

      I gave the milk coupon first, then the other ones. They went through with no problem. However, I only had 3 coupons and 4 boxes of cereal, so maybe that’s why there weren’t any beeps.

  • kelly

    Anyone know what other kinds of cereals are included in this deal?

  • Carol

    I went today to get this. I had 2 70/1 Krave cpns and 2 70/1 Frosted Flakes cpns (no milk peelies but they did all have the movie codes) so I got those and my milk and went to the register. The milk cpn didn’t print. Took them forever to debate it but they all agreed with me that it should have worked so they just gave me the milk and went to play with different kinds to see if that was the problem. They’re thinking it might have been the Krave but they agreed that the way it’s all printed all 4/10 should work. Hope others have an easier time or at least cooperative managers.

    • Jamee

      Ugh, Carol I went in today to get 4 more Krave and my milk cat didn’t print either. After a lot of debate they said that it wasn’t included in the deal? Weird because it was on Sunday. I didn’t return the boxes because I figured the movie tickets made up for it, but yeah frustrating

  • Jamee

    Gotta throw out a “holy cow!!” I went in today to get the 50 mighty dogs for $8 before my coupons expired tomorrow, and figured i would check out the cereal even though at my store they were 4/$10 and get the free milk. SCORE! All of the Krave boxes had the free movie ticket promotions and on top of that, they had peelies for $3 off a gallon of milk when you purchase 3 boxes of kellogg’s cereal. so between the coupons, the movie tickets, 1 gallon of free milk and then the .59 for the other gallon of milk, total money maker!

    • Shannon

      WOAH NELLIE! woohooo

      • Jamee

        I know right? I didn’t even want to do it because I have become fond of the 4/$6 with a free gallon of milk at Giant…walked away giddy

  • Thank you!