New $1.00/1 Hershey’s Pot of Gold & Rite Aid Deal

There is a new $1.00/1 Hershey’s Pot Of Gold Printable coupon available.

Here is a great buy at Rite Aid — they are $3.99 with a $2.00 UPR – making them $.99 each.

You could also do this deal:

Buy (4) Hershey Pot Of Gold $15.96
Getr (4) $2.00 UPR (assuming multiples are still printing)
use (4) Printables or $1.00/1 in 12/5 inserts
$3.96 after coupons

In addition, you can submit this $5.00 rebate wyb $15.00 to make these free + overage.

* The Pot Of Gold is running again next week so you have plenty of time to purchase before 12/16.

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  • Anonymous


  • Carrie

    I live in central jersey and just called 6 Rite Aid stores within a 10 mile radius- none had them, never got them in, and won’t be.They’re not even offering rainchecks b/c they won’t be getting any in. I am glad to see some of you were able to get them b/c I was thinking it was a scam on RiteAid’s part. Good Luck! PS-Just found this site and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!

  • Kelley

    Thanks for the awsome deal! I just got 4 for presents.

  • Linda

    I could not print four printables for the Hersheys Pot of Gold. It let me print two then I got a message saying I have already printed this coupon. Plus I had to install JAVA in order to print the coupon and my security program sent me a couple of alerts on that. I ignored them but am not sure installing JAVA was a good idea.

    • Dawn

      @Linda, Most printable coupons only allow two prints per computer.

  • Mary

    Mine would not go through the first three try’s BUT the fourth put me to the page. It took a few minutes to load, but printed fine for me. Good Luck.

  • Michele C

    Command hooks were over $4 at my store :(
    I did get two pot of golds. They had none left and probably not getting any b/c they get their shipment of Christmas stuff. Time for Valentine’s. Just need one more POG from some where. lol

  • Anonymous

    There was the $5/25 from red plum site that don’t expire until 12/31.

    • Shannon


      Yes but they are no longer available to print

      • Anonymous

        @Shannon, Yeah I know they are no longer available, but some people may have these and think they are not valid since you said no valid $5/25 coupons….just wanted to point out that they are ok if someone has them. Thank you so much for all the rite aid deals you post….best place to find rite aid info….HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

        • Shannon


          Gotcha, I think I was responding to the person who asked where she can print them. There is one link still floating around with a reproduced copy of an old Rite Aid signup coupon.

  • awesome on the deal. Where did you get the command 3 Q? In my area, they expired 11/30.

  • Lily

    To Shannon;

    Where are these 5 off 25 that I keep hearing about it still all over the web? I thought tthat these were dis. Thanks

    • Shannon


      There are none that are valid to be using right now — unless you got it from your wellness card – barcoded one time.

  • Sheila W

    Where did you find the 5/25.00? My rite aid will still take them

    • Shannon


      There are no valid ones available.

      • Katie


        I just printed mine from the link above and they worked perfectly.

  • Eleanor

    Just did this deal…got $12 in ups!

    6 boxes @ $3.99
    1 3M Command Hook (needed these…too many wreaths waiting to be hung!) @ $3.86 (regularly $4.29, 10% wellness + discount)

    -$5/$25 Rite Aid Q
    -$6 in MQs for Hershey’s Pot of Gold
    -$1 MQ for Command Hook
    -$2 VV for Comand Hook

    Total… $15.62 OOP
    Got back $12 in ups
    Will submit for $5 rebate

    • Lily

      @Eleanor, What 5 off 25 are you using? Where did you get it? Thanks

  • Rachel

    SuWEET!!! :)