Natures Own $.75/1 Coupons

There are two new Nature’s Own Bread Coupons available to print. (zip 19543)

Has anyone else noticed the price of bread lately? I almost passed out at $3.19 on the shelf tag.  Do people really pay $3.19 for one loaf of bread!

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  • Ma

    I wish I could buy it for $3.19. I just saw it $3.86. I wanted that coupon but it’s no longer available.

  • Dee

    Is this coupon still available as I can’t see it anymore.

    Around $4 a loaf around here in Fl too. Luckily there are regularly BOGO in Publix!

    I too have made my own bread (quiet a lot actually) but it doesn’t matter what recipe I follow (white, whole wheat or any other interesting recipe) I get such dense heavy bread. Not fluffy at all. Anyone else have this problem? I read somewhere that it is because the flour is measured in cups rather than weight (the amount of flour in a cup can vary a lot apparently). Has anyone tried weighing instead of using volume?

    • Shannon


      Deeeeeee, How are you. Ok so heres the thing, I get that same thing. I have tried three recipes today and all are DENSE and Heavy. I havent’ found any way to get it any other way.

      • Dee

        I’m good. Not heading back to NY for the summer but staying in FL. Have been in the land of no internet. The only thing we get round here is satellite or sporadic 3g with verizon only. I keep missing all the good IPs and it’s killing me!

        We need to find a baker!@Shannon,

        • Shannon


          I was worried about you! I am glad to hear you are ok and hopefully enjoying the nice weather down there. Its still cold up here.

          If anyone has a good recipe for light, fluffy bread.. please share.. My husband thinks I am trying to kill him with this bread.

  • Jeannie

    I buy bread at cosco. Or buy what’s on sale at Safeway. If anyone shops at Safeway, you can sign up online on their website and log in every week and there are sales “just for u” they call it. So they know what you buy because of your club card and then they offer you discounts and you can go through and click the ones you want and then when you go shopping and use your club card it will automatically use the discounts you chose. It’s pretty cool. Great savings.

  • Sylvia

    lol, you should come to CA where bread is regularly priced at more than $4! Not the store-brand ones, of course. I used to watch for the sales when it would get marked down to around $2.50, then I found out about the Oroweat outlet near our house where I can get the expiring bread for $1.99.

  • Mary C

    I have found Nature’s Own at my local dollar Tree. Yes it may expire in less than 5 days but I freeze it. Also, I have found Cobblestone sub bread, Sunbeam, and bunny products. All freeze and taste pretty good.

  • becky

    bread day tomorrow and tues….

  • This is why I made my first homemade loaf of organic whole wheat bread today.

    • Shannon


      I have one in the bread maker right now!

  • Diane

    I belong to Sam’s Club and I am able to get two loaves of bread there for $3.48. (This is in southeastern NH.) It is a great deal. I don’t know if the bread deal is regional or not, but my store has Wonder Bread and Nature’s Pride available for that price. I get Nature’s Pride which doesn’t have HFCS. You have to buy the bread in groups of two. I often buy 4 at a time and freeze it.

  • Amy

    I maybe had not been paying much attention to it but it does seem like it has really gone up. $3.99 for the brand I usually buy.

  • Holly

    My husband shops the bakery’s bread outlet near his office. They sell bread near the sell by date for $1 per loaf, including 6 packs of English muffins. We can even get whole wheat, multi grain, etc for that price. On Wednesdays they give an extra 10% off. So, he goes and gets a few bags full of bread and/or rolls. I double bag them, date them, and put them in the freezer. I don’t have to worry about running out of bread and at $0.90 per loaf, its a good deal!

  • Liz

    $3.19 is cheap bread; around here at &3.19 all you will find is white bread and store brand.
    So yes at $3.1. We would buy it and lots of it.

    • Shannon

      Liz — $3.19 is cheap bread! Wow where do you shop at? I get Earthgrains for $3.19-$3.69.

  • Kristin

    I do, but I buy organic. Very hard to find a deal.