My Catalina Didn’t Print – Who Do I Contact?

Many of you have had issues with your catalina printing.   If your catalina does not print, you can contact Catalina marketing to get your catalina.

You will need to have your receipt handy and know what offer you were supposed to get.

Here are the steps to take to contact Catalina Marketing:

:: Head here to Catalina Network Contact Support

:: Choose I didn’t receive a coupon or offer I was expecting.

:: From your store receipt, please enter the 5-digit US zip code where you shopped and press GO.

:: A list of stores will pop up once you enter your zip code:

:: You will then be asked what offer you were expecting to receive and your information.

They will process your information.

You will receive a confirmation email back from Catalina Marketing:

Hello ,

Thank you for contacting Catalina Support and providing your information. After reviewing your transaction, we found that you purchased 5 qualifying UPCs. This makes you eligible for a $1 coupon according to the purchase requirements of the offer.Your request has been forwarded to the Fulfillment Department for processing. You can expect to receive a replacement coupon in 10 business days or less.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us so that we may assist you further.

Your reference number for this request is _12041_.  Please be sure to include this number on all correspondence for this case.

Thank you,

Catalina Support

:: You should receive in the mail the catalina coupon:

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments!

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  • Alison

    I did the kraft deal at darrenkamps, and got all the right things, but the coupon of your next order didn’t print out because they took out the catalina machine out all together. But earlier that week on coupon network it did say that the Kraft catalina would be printing out at darrenkamps. So i printed out all the coupons, and to make it to 20 items i bought some things that we would not have gotten in the first place. Do you think I could email them? I did it twice buying ten items each time and all are the right sizes. I am so mad because that is $20 that I can spend on something else!!!

  • Jen

    i didnt get my del monte coupon from the catalinaa couple weeks ago, customer service just handed me cash lol

  • Kristen

    Thanks! I was so careful about doing my Kraft deal today, brought the printed page with participating products and sizes… and didn’t get it. Hoping I can straighten it out this way!

    • For the Mommas


      What a mess! :(

  • Meg

    I didn’t get my $2 cat from one kraft transaction or my $10 kraft cat from a second transaction. I went to Giant customer service & they gave me the $12 cash. Probably because they didn’t know how else to handle it & were getting frustrated. Plus I had a third transaction so it was obvious the $12 would have come off that one. I wouldn’t expect this every time though – like I said, they just seemed lost at what to do. A different manager may have said there’s nothing they can do.

  • Margareeta

    I recently went through this process for a yogurt Catalina. After numerous emails back and forth with Catalina, I FINALLY received my coupon. They claimed one of the flavors of Yoplait yogurts I bought was excluded so that made me one short of the required quantity to receive the Catalina. I pointed out to them that I bought two of the same flavors and they counted one but not the other. Then the rep emailed me back saying, Sorry they wouldn’t count either of them. Then miraculously I received an email saying “management” reviewed it and they would send me the Catalina. It only took me a week of emails and a phone call (which directed me back to email) to get my $1.25….

  • Erika

    Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!