Johnson & Johnson Rebate | Get $46.50 in Coupons

Johnson & Johnson Rebate 2012

Just a quick reminder for everyone doing the J&J Deals this week!

There is a new Johnson & Johnson Rebate available to print.

Offer: Purchase $50.00 of Johnson & Johnson Products from 1/8/11 to 3/8/12 and get a mailer of coupons with savings up to $46.50.

Mail to  Healthy Essentials For Savings PO Box 49270 Strongsville OH 44149-0270

You may want to download the Johnson & Johnson Rebate Form now and save to your computer.

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  • Jackie

    does anyone have a pdf of the form they can share. The link is gone.

  • diane h

    I mailed my rebate form on March 2 and haven’t received my rebate. Have you? I can’t find anything anywhere that gives information to contact to check status. Anyone have contact info from their form? I didn’t copy my form – just the receipts (and wrote down all the mailing info – there wasn’t an email or phone # that I found)…. anyone have a copy of their form?

  • Brandy M.

    The links for the rebate form are directing me to

    • Mary G

      Brandy, Smartsource is correct. You have to print the rebate form just like you would select and print a coupon off their site. For me the rebate pulled up on the first page 4th coupon down… LOOK FOR “Save your receipts! Get $46 in coupons by mail, Offer expires 4/8/12.”

      *** I have a question, guessing this is for INSTORE purchases only? Anyone know if they would accept online purchase reciepts? has an awesome 40% off sale on all Aveeno items today. I bought 30.00 worth of baby wash, facial wash and lotion. It would be great if I could apply this to the rebate. THANKS

  • paco

    Multiple transactions are allowed (ie multiple receipts). Also, there is really bad wording on the form, but I think the qualifying amount can be before coupons. Hope the coupons we get are worth the effort!

  • I love your site and would love these inserts!

  • Sylvia Sajor via Facebook

    Does it have to b all in one purchase?

    • tessa

      Not usually, haven’t read this particular one, but it’s highly unlikely.