Hurry: Free Schick Disposable Razor


This is working again on  the Free Schick Hydro Women’s Razor only!


Hurry over here to request a free Schick Hydro Razor!


Thanks Carey!


  1. Tashia

    Whooo hoo! Love that four letter word.

    • Anonymous

      How do you get sample

  2. LISA

    GONE :(

  3. Lauren

    Thanks! I was just saying how I need to find more cheap men’s razors for my husband. Although I still almost went with the women’s because this is my favorite razor! But no, I was nice this time.

  4. Seems to be working again:)

  5. Janet

    Thank you!

  6. Sue

    I cant get it to load. Is anyone having any better luck?

  7. Jason A

    Got one!

  8. Kym


  9. Jen

    Got it!!

  10. Dawn G.

    YAY! Thanks!

  11. MissyLiz

    Ooh another free razor!

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