Hot: New Printable Kraft Coupons

There are seven new printable Kraft Coupons available:

  • Save $1.00/2 Crystal Light Coupon
  • Save $1.00/1 Maxwell House Coffee Coupon
  • Save $1.00/1 Kraft Mac & Cheese 5 Pack
  • Save $.75/1 Miracle Whip Coupon
  • Save $1.00/1 Velveeta Cheese Coupon
  • Save $1.00/2 Oreo Spring Cookies Coupon
  • Save $1.00/2 Ritz Crackers Coupon

Get Printable Kraft Coupons – use zip 07039 or 19543 to see them.

Note: These are manufacturer coupons – they start with a 5, so they can be used anywhere.

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  • chris lagourney

    i was on this sight for maxwell house coupon that was said to be avalable and was not this sucks

  • Jenny

    I had the clerk freak out at Walmart when I used a “Super Center” coupon. What does that mean exactly??

    • Shannon

      Haha SuperCenter is Walmart :P

  • Christa

    These 5 packs are on clearance at my Target, making them $3.29 plus they have a coupon on them that gives you a FREE 4 pack of the microwaveable to-go packs.

  • Marion

    I went to my local Stop and Shop and found Kraft recipe coupon Food and Family booklets (recipes by the Neely’s) where the coupons Expire DEC 312011!!!! $10 worth of mfg. coupons, where I was able to stack them with my Target coupons! Coupons started with a 9 whatever that means as I usually see it start with 5. Had No problems with scanning them at Target. Oscar Mayer, cheese, crackers, bacon, all sorts of goodies! Anyone else finding these in their stores??

    • Shannon


      9 are manufacturer coupons too Marion.

      • Marion

        @Shannon, Thank you for all of your knowledge!!!

  • Michelle

    Wahhh!!! These already expire on 2/25!

  • lena j

    they wont give me a hard time since it has SUPERCENTER ON THEM….??

  • Amy

    What zip code are you looking at? I don’t see any of the ones you mentioned. Thanks!

    • Shannon


      whoops updated the post with zip.

  • Erin

    Is there a zip code for these? I can’t see them.