Giant Deal – Kellogg’s Cereal as low as $.60


Details – Kellogg’s Cereal is on sale again next week for $2.00 each. If your store fully doubles, you can purchase as low as $.60 each.


Kellogg’s Cereals $2.00 each
$0.70 off ONE Kellogg’s Cinnamon Jacks™ Cereal
$0.70 off Kellogg’s Froot Loops Treasures™ Cereal
$0.70 off ONE Kellogg’s Scooby Doo!™ Cereal 
as low as $.60 after coupon ($1.00 if your store doesn’t fully double)

This deal is valid 7/7/13

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  • Sharon

    At my store, the Froot Loops treasures weren’t included in the sale, but the raisin Bran with Flax was, so we got those ones too!