Giant Coupon Matchups Week of 1/13/13

Giant Coupon Matchups & Giant Coupon Deals

Here are the best Giant Food Coupon Matchups & Deals  for the week of 1/13/13 (January 13, 2013). The ad for Martin’s store is very similar to the Giant store ad.

Reminder: Giant’s Doubling Policy varies by store.  Please be sure to check the policy for doubling at your store.   You can see the entire Giant Coupon Policy here.   Do not forget to add Savingstar Coupons to your Giant card here. 

Buy 7 and Get $5.00 off Instantly

Buy 7 and Get $5.00 off Instantly


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  • Alyssa

    Do you know if you can use the coupons from the Giant store flyer more than once during a given week? For instance, there was one this week for $1 off per lb pork loin. If I did two separate transactions during the week, could I use two of those coupons, or does it get tracked on my club card? Thanks!

    • Jenny Lynn

      Yes. I have used the 300bonus points coupons and their water ones before twice in one week.

  • Diane

    What zip code do you use to get your coupons from thanks

  • Lindsay in PA

    The single packets of Wholly Guacamole are priced at 89 cents at Giant…that’s their regular price. You can use the $1 coupon to get them free! :)

    My Giant adjusts the coupon down to the item price, so its not a a money maker, but its free and the Wholly Guac is GOOD guacamole! :)

    • Steph

      My Giant were jerks! They were telling me they don’t accept internet printed coupons for free items.. I told them it was a $1 off, not stating free, they argued because it’s free after the discount.. ugh! I’ll have to try another store.. bad managers at Van Reed!

      • lindsay in pa

        that stinks! :( its not a “free” coupon…its a “$1 off” coupon. :(

        The manager @ my Giant has to adjust the coupons down to 89 cents but she knows me by now and does it with no problems. :)

        I must have 4 little packets in the fridge and a bunch in the freezer! all free!

      • For the Mommas

        ewww! That is not right!

    • freebielvr

      what section r the single pks located in? thanks

      • lindsay in pa

        They are in the produce section in the middle in a refrigerated stand-alone bar thing @ my Giant…where the prepared veggie & fruit platters are. They have the larger guac and fresh salsa there too.