Finish Rebate | Possible Try Me Free Rebate

Finish Rebate

Finish Rebate

Check your inserts this weekend for a possible Finish Rebate.  This will be  a true  Try Me Free Rebate, up to $4.99

Finish rebateWalgreens Deal (starts 6/15)

Buy Finish Dish Product $4.99
Submit $4.99 Rebate offer
Free after rebate

Did you get this offer in your area?


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  • Nawal Baqai

    Yes, I got this. but can someone tell us where to find the rebate form? because when I went to the Walgreens at New Berns they said to find the rebate form in the sunday newspaper and the sunday newspaper only gives that coupon shown in the picture above.

    • JennE

      Send Finish a message on Facebook, they sent me the coupon no problem :)

      • Nawal Baqai

        i checked on facebook and they have at least 3 or 4 finish face book pages. Do you perhaps have the link of the correct one? thanks

    • veronica

      there is not rebate form.just send original store cash register receipt dated between6/15-7/12 2014 with the purchase price circled,copied upc code from both bottles.fill out u full name,address and e-mail on 3”x5” card.

      • Shelby Michalek

        What’s the address to send to?

      • Stephanie Rose Baldwin

        by copied UPC code does that mean we have to make a physical copy of the code and print it out and include it in the envelope? I wasn’t sure if it meant to just copy the numbers down on the card by hand. thanks!