Ferrero Rocher Coupon | Buy One, Get One Free

Ferro Rocher Coupon 2012 - Buy One, Get One Free


There is a new Ferrreo Rocher Coupon  available to print to print on Facebook.  Click on the coupon tab to see the offer.

Value: Buy One, Get One Free Ferrero Rocher Coupon  (3 pack)

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  • Becky Venable

    No more available!

  • Amy

    So what are they ?? (sorry, never heard of them)

    • Shannon

      ut oh, Amy you shouldn’t even find out. Very bad for you.. LOL

      • Amy

        LOL Shannon ! I figured it was some kind of very fattening chocolate goodie, and I’m thinking you may have just confirmed it.

  • these are my FAVORITE!!!