Eggo Waffles Coupon | Save $1.00/1

Eggo Waffles Coupon 2012

There is a new high value  Eggo Waffles Coupon available for Savings Club Members.   Click on this coupon link and then log into your account.

Value:  Save $1/1 Eggo Waffles Coupon

Thanks, Nancy

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  • andrea

    stack with the target q!

  • Heidi

    Shannon, I did, but I’m wondering if it didn’t go through. It seemed odd at the time since there was no confirmation email. A real bummer since that’s the only thing my autistic son will eat for breakfast :-(

  • Heidi

    Same here. Logged in and looked through all pages. No Eggo Q

    • Shannon

      Did you pay for or sign up during the free offer for the savings club? The coupon is showing for the savings club only – did you see pages of savings club coupons?

  • Geri Brown – yes it is.

  • Amanda

    Thanks for the post awhile back about signing up for this!! They offer some great coupons

  • Got it thanks!

  • Jessica

    Even as a savings club member I don’t see it.

  • Geri

    Is this the free thing we signed up for about a month ago?

  • Jo Anne Sensinger-Harr – if you are a savings club member, you will see it on the first two pages

  • Nesie Stokinger – you have to be a member of the Savings Club – if you are not, you will not get this offer – creating an account is not the same as savings club..

  • Nesie

    I created an account – but it still won’t show up?

  • Loretta

    you have to be a member of the savings club and be logged in it will be in the first 2 pages

  • Jo Anne

    wondering that myself, I can’t find it

  • Pam

    Is there a certain zip code to use?

  • Sharice

    What zip code is this under. I couldn’t find it under mine and I live in Arizona. Thanks.

    • Shannon


      it should be up under all zip codes for savings club, but you can try 19606 or 07039