Edy’s Fruit Bars Coupon & Giant Deal

There is an Edy’s Fruit Bars Coupon available to print on Facebook

Value:  Save $1/1 Edy’s Fruit Bars Coupon

Starting next week at Giant & Martins, purchase $12.00 in Edy’s Fruit Bars and get $3.00 off instantly.

Here is your deal:

Buy (4) Edy’s Fruit Bars $3.00 each
Get $3.00 off instantly
Use (4) $1/1 Edy’s Fruit Bars Coupon (two computers)
$5.00 or $1.25 each after coupons and instant savings

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  • Leslie

    Has anyone done the edys fruit bars or ice cream deal successfully while using coupons wyb $12 and getting the $3 off instantly? I haven’t gone to the store yet to do this deal.

    • Anonymous

      NO, I have been going to Giant and they have been 3 for $10.00 and now they have gone off sale so I never saw this ad.

  • Alicia

    I had the same problems as those above: I bought $14 worth BEFORE my coupons went through. The coupons brought the price down to $10 (I had $1 off each box). I didn’t realize it had to be $12 before coupons. I checked with customer service and she clarified that. Now I’m bummed I didn’t think about it ahead of time. The extra $3 I’d have spent on an Edy’s fruit bar box would have ended up being free.

  • vasi

    I guess i have bad luck with Giant,last week the coffee mate catalina didnt print, today i went to do this deal with Edy’s fruit bars and theknow $3 never came off,i used my coupons and finished the tranzaction then went to the customer service desk and told them about what happend,she takes a look at my receipt and says that it’s becouse i used coupons. We had a dialog about using coupons and that they are a form of payment,she dissagread,she said i have to actually pay,hmmm,i said fine then i want to return it and i want a refund. She tried her best to not give $12 back,becouse i only paid $8$2 in her mind,the $4only in coupons was just…i dont know. Anyway in the end she returned the whole $12 and she wasnt happy. I give up on Giant,every sale or deal i go for i end up at customer service for debate!

    • Brianna

      I don’t know if I’m right, but if you only paid $8, you only should get $8 back. If you want your coupons back, get them back. But the coupons don’t hold any cash value and since you didn’t actually keep the product, it doesn’t seem right to me to get the full value back.

    • Sarah

      Doesn’t this deal not start until Sunday? Probably why it didn’t work for you.

      • Shannon

        RIght this deal isn’t until next week.

        • Vasi

          The signs were up at my store, buy $12 get $3 ff instantly, usually i dont do a deal if the signs are not up and the flyer i got in the mail and they also had at the store shows the sale starts today!

          • Shannon

            Ah, are you shopping Giant PA? Are you shopping at Giant MD or S&S? Giant PA starts on Sunday so it has to be a different store, thats why we were confused! :)

        • Vasi

          Yes i m in MD.

          • Shannon


            Ok well that is bothersome — I will try it tomorrow with no coupons. The fact that you used coupons shouldn’t have anythign to do with the total coming off. I will update you to let you know how I make out tomorrow!

      • Bec

        You CAN use coupons on these deals, but this you must still *spend* $12 on participating products. Using coupons means you have to buy more. The $12 you have to spend is before tax and after coupons at Giant.

        Buy 4 Edy’s Fruit bars for $12, less $4 in coupons = pay $8 Total out of pocket.

        with those same 4 coupons,
        Buy 6 Edy’s Fruit bars for $18, less $4 in coupons = $14, less $3 instantly, = $11 out of pocket.

        Buy 4 Edy’s Fruit bars and 1 Skinny Cow Icecream Sandwiches for $16, less $4 in Edy’s Coupons = $12, save $3 instantly, = $9 out of pocket
        (Unless you use one of the skinny cow coupons from facebook this week, then you need to buy even more icecream!)

        • Shannon

          Hmm Bec, thats not exactly correct. :) We/I have been doing these deals for years, pre coupons. See all of the readers shopping trips on here where they do the deals pre coupons. This is for Giant PA.

        • Dee

          My Giant in Lehigh Valley, PA is never successful when its buy a specific dollar amount like $12 or $15 etc. Using coupons on these deals never gets the instant value or $5 back unless you go over the amount. I always have to fight the fight at customer service. What I noticed is that when the deal is buy 5 or specific items and you use coupons then all is well.

          I ran into this starting with the Hershery Park ticket deal last year and every other deal like that. The recent Kashi purchase of buy 5 items etc was super terrific with coupons. But this week’s Edy’s with the $12 purchase and coupons did not work. I have 4 Giant stores within close range and its always the same.

          • Shannon

            Dee, that is just odd, because the deals work fine at a Giant less than 35 minutes from Lehigh. I wonder how it could be so different?

          • Bec

            Its the small print on the back of our sales flyer. It reads, “All minimum spend requirements must be met after all discounts and coupons have been subtracted from order.”

            They’re great sales for stocking up! The minimum dollar ones just tend not to be as thrilling as the “buy any 2 items” type ones.

          • Sue W

            I never have a problem with these deals at the Emaus Ave Giant in Allentown.

  • There was a coupon for the drumsticks in the Sunday paper for $1/2 so 4 for $7 $1.75 a piece not bad in my books

  • FTM, you see the $1/1 Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks coupon thats available? Are they on sale next week at Giant or Weis by chance haha

    • Shannon

      Jeremy, you make me laugh.. I dont see them, but I haven’t done the matchups just yet. Will check tomorrow am

  • Peter

    I cant print… I tried, but it kept shutting the window off

  • Grace

    I love the coconut ones. YUM :)

  • I’m ready lol

  • Amy

    THis prints and ad first, so be careful not to print over something, or count the passes and hit cancel….ruined a print.