Eco Tools Coupon – $.04 at Target + Free at Walmart

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 This coupon is still available to print.

Update: Reader Ashley let us know that they are $.87 at Walmart, so free after coupon! 

There is a new Eco Tools Coupon available to print

Value: Save $1/1 Eco Tools Product Coupon

You can find cheap Eco Tools Products at Target, including a Bath Sponge for $1.04, or just $.04 after coupon



  1. Anonymous

    What zip code are you using?

  2. natalie

    I too could not find the cheaper versions at target nor Wal-Mart.
    I did find the bigger more durable sponge @ Wal-Mart (bottom shelf near lotions and makeup bags).
    Would have been sweeter if free!

  3. Rose

    My Target and Walmart did not have these. They had the eco brand just not the cheaper ones. I used it on a bath sponge that was 1.99 but it is a little more durable and has a handle on it. .99 cents for a good sponge is worth it.

  4. fyi, these printed at the bottom of the page.

  5. Perfect! These will be great with cheap B&BW stuff!

  6. Sandy

    Mine were on very bottom shelf under makeup brushes – took me 15 minutes to finally locate them !

  7. Lindsay in PA

    Where are these at Walmart? I looked by the bath soaps & body washes and also by the makeup but can’t find them.

    • Rachel

      They are over by the make up and lotions… at least at my WM.

      • r.p.

        yes, near the makeup, and there are more choices than just this sponge, which by the way there are two, a big one and the little cheaper one. there are makeup brushes, etc.

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