Cuties Coupon | Save $.75

There is a Cuties Coupon available to print on Facebook.  Click on the “offers” tab.

Value:  Save $.75/1 Cuties Coupon  (2 lbs or larger)

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  1. fendermama2

    no longer an “offers” tab :(

  2. KH

    Found this freezing info on facebook saying you can freeze them and have them anytime.

  3. Maybe the frozen ones can be used in smoothies? Just a thought. =)

  4. Darlene Roehm via Facebook

    I would think that they would also be best to eat them all within 2 weeks or so.

  5. Thanks Darlene Roehm :)

  6. Darlene Roehm via Facebook

    I’d say to take them out one at a time, and only thaw for about an hour before eating—not much longer than that, they would start to get mushy. If you’d eat them still sort of cold, I think they would be good.

  7. My daughter accidentally stuck a bag of these in the freezer. Does anyone know if they’ll be any good when thawed?

    • KH

      I left mine in the car overnight in freezing temps and they seemed just the same after thawing.

  8. Johleen Baran-Belliston via Facebook

    Love them, love genetics

  9. Lynn Brown Belcher via Facebook

    well however they got here, they are darn good!

  10. Jeanie Marie Samoyan via Facebook

    They are genetically engineered. Just sayin

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