Philly Area Redplum

If you want to help with the comparison of the Red Plums in the Philly area, John has created a spreadsheet so that we can see how the Philly area Redplum’s vary.

You can access the spreadsheet here, via Google Docs. You can also check it out if you want to look at some comparisons. If you do update it, leave a comment so I can go in and save it.

I would love to keep a database of Philly area q’s that aren’t in the big databases that are available. I do notice that we get some regional product coupons frequently, i.e. Hatfield.

A big thanks to John for helping getting this project set up.

For everyone outside of Philly area, if you get some regional q’s that aren’t included, I certainly would love to add them too!


  1. John

    Ok Folks I added the 3/28 SS from this website and from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

    Still have more to add. I hope everyone finds this helpful


  2. John

    I just updated the spreadsheet with New York Daily news…..a lot of missing coupons and no differences except the Folgers coupons are differnt (better) .50/1 instead of 1.00/2

  3. John

    The spreadsheet has the 3-21 SS. In it already….at the very bottom click the link for it.

    please remember that I cant fill in the sheet until after I get the inserts…I dont have a resource for a philadelphia preview…I can only go by what I get in the papers.

    This spreadsheet was originally meant to let people know which are the “better” papers to get to be sure you get the best regional coupouns

    I was thinking of doing this for the 3/28 SS also. So far I have about 4 variations of that insert and noticed some differences. BIG thanks to Jessica, for filling in the Burlington County times info. I went to NJ and snagged 4 of them from a 7-11 and got the Snuggle coupon.

    I hop people find it useful.

    Thanks all


  4. beth

    any plans to do something similar with smart source inserts? i never know if it’s worth picking up an inquirer even though there aren’t red plum coupons in it.

    • Shannon


      I think we can arrange that!

  5. Jessica Sant

    I added a column for the Burlington County Times, It seemed to be slightly different than the Daily Local column. Hope the info helps!

  6. Angel

    Hi! I do not live in the Philly area but live in western PA. My Red Plum only comes in the Sunday paper and has a very small amount of coupons. Is there any way for me to get the Red Plums with the large amount of coupons that you have listed? I have heard of some people getting it in the mail. Is that regional?


    • Shannon


      I am purchasing mine when I need to from Coupon Dede. There are also other sources available to buy them.

  7. cecilia

    thanks! awesome, would that be dollar tree?

    • Shannon


      Yes. I would call ahead to make sure your store carries the paper.

  8. cecilia

    I need to pick up another philly inquirer to get another red plum insert…do u know who has the best deals on newspapers?

    • Shannon


      I pick mine up at the Dollar Store.

  9. beth

    spreadsheet looks great, but how do you get your red plum?

    • Shannon


      My redplum is the Daily Local one. The For the Mommas is just a preview from national inserts.

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