Chipotle: Buy One, Get One Free Coupon

Note: This is working hit or miss, but since it says one coupon per facebook account, if you got it before, it may not work again.

It look’s like the Chipotle Coupon has updated! It is now a Buy one, Get One Free  burrito, bowl, taco or salad at Chipotle Coupon. Watch a short promo video for America’s Next Great Restaurant on Facebook to print out the coupon.

Valid through 3/11/11.  One coupon per customer.  Click here to get your Chipotle coupon.

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  • Aditya

    mine says 3/12/2011

  • Holly

    Thanks for posting. Hubby and I have are going on an afternoon date tomorrow. I think we’ll be stopping at Chipotle for lunch, after we drop off the kids, and before our show begins!

  • Mary Elmhorst

    Mine said 3-3. Today is 3-4.

  • Sally

    What was it before? I printed it on the first day and it was a BOGO coupon at that time, as well. I’m confused!

    • Sally

      @Sally, Actually, I just watched it again and it brought up the same exact coupon, with the same exact expiration of 3/4/11. I guess you have to be a new viewer of the video to get an updated coupon. I didn’t get to use it, too busy this week. Bummer.

  • Shrome

    got one with 3/5 not 3/11… anyone else got with 3/5..

  • Shrome

    I got one today with 3/5 not 3/11….anyone else???

    • madhu

      It would be great if can you plz scan the coupon .

  • Emily

    Looks like all the links go to the original coupon which expires on 3/3/11 – BUMMER!!

  • Emily

    Looks like all the links go to the original coupon, which expires on 3/3/11 – BUMMER!

  • Lisa

    Woo hoo! Hubby loves eating there. I had printed the coupon the first time it appeared but it had expired yesterday and we didn’t have a chance to use it. Now maybe we can go this weekend!

  • M

    Chipolte coupon expired already -on 3/3/11

    • Shannon


      There is a new one. see post above.