Butterball Turkey Rebate – Get $5.00 Back in Coupons

butterball coupon

Butterball Turkey Rebate

Be sure to check your Sunday Paper for a Butterball Turkey Rebate. Purchase a Butterball Turkey between 9/1 and 1/31/2014  and you’ll get $5.00 back in coupons.

You’ll find the Butterball Rebate in the Smart Source Coupon insert or it may go live on this Butterball Turkey Savings page.

Don’t forget to print and use your $3.00 Butterball Turkey Coupon 

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  • Michelle

    Why place an advertising for BUTTERBALL turkey , $5.00 off and then mislead your faithful customers!! Really, no more Butterball turkey for ME!! No thanks!!! Why waist my time and obviously many others!!! Michelle

    • shirley

      i found it, you have to print the entire page to get all the details, Reynolds $5 coupon offer
      Dept # BB13-9618 PO Box 472
      Scottsdale, AZ 85252-0472

  • Debra

    I for one, LOVE this offer and look forward to it every year! Walgreens regularly runs Butterball chicken stock for .50 a can, so this gets me 10 cans of free stock! I am also able to get free turkey bacon when they run it for .99 each. I did have a problem finding the rebate form on their site though, so thank you for the link!

  • Ohhhh, thanks for the entertainment. ;)

  • Anonymous

    So funny!

  • Lee

    What a misleading coupon saying “$5 by MAIL.” Shame on you. I don’t buy any other Butterball products except the turkey at Thanksgiving. What am I supposed to do with your 5 – $1.00 coupons after using a very expensive stamp to get it???

    • Maria

      You do realize that FTM is just passing this information to us. If you have any issues you need to contact Butterball.

    • Anonymous

      I agree that this offer is crude and misleading! I spent over 1 hour, wasting my time, looking for the order form for the coupons. SHAME on you, Butterball!!’

    • Roberta

      I agree this rebate offer was very misleading,I do use coupons but I only use butterball for a turkey for the holidays,so I do not need five dollars in butterball coupons.

  • Robert C. Walker

    Butterball Assholes.
    Your scam Had my Wife in rears

    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Scam Someone Else Next Time.

    • Maria

      You do realize that FTM is just passing this information to us. If you have any issues you need to contact Butterball.

  • JD

    Hey folks, READ THE TITLE HEADER — It plainly states “Get $5 dollars back IN COUPONS. What, you people thought they were going to mail you a five dollar bill or a check? NOT LIKELY. Nothing misleading about this offer. You simply saw what you wanted to see and didn’t read anything else.

    That was the FIRST thing I saw – was that the offer was in the form of coupons from Butterball.

    • Anonymous

      FTM does clearly state that you get $5 in coupons. I believe people are referring to the wording on the coupon itself. My 76-year-old mother saw, with her coupons , the big bold letters “$5 BY MAIL.” Nothing strange about that (JD); companies offer rebates–meaning money back for buying a product–all the time. She asked me to send in the rebate form, which is when I discovered there is no “$5 by mail,” there are only 5 $1 coupons. I agree with the people who commented here who said this was deceptive and they would never buy Butterball again. (I ended up at this site when I googled “Butterball rebate.” Eventually I found Butterball’s own site and gave them a piece of my mind.)

  • I agree with most of the comments. What a trick. And even though I am not going to waste my time, ink, stamp, to get the 5 $1.00 coupons, I am curious how quickly the coupons expire. Wow, I spent $28.00 thinking I would get $5.00 back………..

    • Maria

      You do realize that FTM is just passing this information to us. If you have any issues you need to contact Butterball.

  • Marilyn

    Like all of the others I do not appreciate the way you tricked me into believing I was going to receive $5,oo for purchasing a butterball turkey, wha t a waste of my time trying to download a cooupon!!!!!!!Not worth all the effort.

    • Lee

      I agree with Marilyn! I read $5 by MAIL. That was enough for me. I didn’t think to check the small print to see if this was a trick.

      • judy

        glad I read the comments first take your deals and shove em Judy T

  • Bette

    I had no problem with printing the form, went to site listed on coupon and it had the form printing highlighted in blue. Also, my coupon states right on it, ” five(5) $1 coupons”. Do they print different coupons in different areas?

    • John

      I could not agree more with most people. The coupon is misleading, yet we read it and bought it, so shame on us. Butterball is a great product and name brand. I believe they meant no harm but consumer beware- read the coupon. If we were not happy then we should have bought it.

  • Barbara

    This is not right, confusing, misleading and a scam. Where is the rebate form ( that should be for $5.00, not 5 coupons)????????????? Shame on you Butterball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Maria

      You do realize that FTM is just passing this information to us. If you have any issues you need to contact Butterball.

  • Barbara

    Yes, very misleading and not to mention confusing!!!! I purchased the butterball turkey for a Thanksgiving dinner for a needed family, I sure they will enjoy it. Your trick rebate will leave a bad taste in my mouth and lots of others for a long time. It’s up to you to make this offer right for so many, if not??? SO were is that rebate form???????????????????????????????????

    • megan a

      contact butterball if you have an issue. ftm is just passing info along. there was nothing misleading about the post if you read the whole thing. even if you just read the title really.

  • w casetta

    unable to print after looking all over for form ,,so keep ur coupons

  • stina8189

    I agree with everyone! I thought I was getting $5 because it says $5. I feel so tricked, getting dollar coupons is not the same. Shame on you, Butterball. Hate that you did that.

  • Debbie Motluck

    Very disappointed as many people are. First of all you are the most expensive turkey, and taste no better than any other Turkey. what a scam not only with $5.00 rebate that you will send back in coupons so they have to spend on your product but your $ 3.00 off coupon you must spend an extra $ 20.oo to get that $3.00. well here is how I’m going to do my deal. between my twitter and my face book account I’m spreading the word on your scam. word is the best way for advertisement, and social media OMG what a turn out and have everyone share. Butterball you think you have shortage on Turkeys this yr. no worry because you will have plenty next yr, and maybe even this yr. i have a memory of an elephant. I will make sure this goes up before Christmas and next yr as well for Thanksgiving and Christmas. you ticked off wrong customer. take that to your marketing people.

    • Jen G

      You should write this to Butterball’s customer service http://www.butterball.com/contact-us. I’m sure they would like to hear your opinion and maybe you can help next years deal to be better!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah well how’s that elephant memory workin out for ya? Idiot! You are on the FTM web page not butterball! Some of you folks sooooo shouldn’t comment! Heck don’t even breathe okay?!

  • Janet

    The rebate form is not found using the information provided in the ad. “For OFFER FORMS and complete details visit butterball.com/savings.” This takes you to the coupons, no mention of a rebate. I had to do a search for the mail in rebate only to realize it’s for 5 1$ coupons to be used to buy other butterball products. My grocery store doesn’t sell other butterball products, only turkeys and I don’t plan on buying 5 more turkeys in the near future. Good thing I didn’t put the stamp on the envelope.

  • sarjose

    Very disappoint that “$5 by MAIL” Butterball’s wording, turn out to be 5 $1 coupons. Someone a couple of days off without pay. Yes if I had read the small print I would have seen the truth. Totally mislead by the first line in large bold print.

  • beverly Anger

    Sins of omission are still sins! The coupon did not mention getting coupons, only a $5.00 refund. No more butterballs for my family. Shame on you!

  • Why even waste the ink to LIE!!!!! Deceiving advertisement SHAME on you.

  • rhonda

    Here is the address for the rebate, you can send in either the receipt or the UPC. here is the site where you find the form.: http://www.butterball.com/uploads/downloads/BB13-9618-002.pdf

    Reynolds $5 Coupon Offer
    Dept # BB13-9618
    PO Box 472
    Scottsdale, AZ 85252-0472

    • MRoberts

      This was a real disappointment. I paid $1.29/lb for this BB turkey because I thought I would get $5 back. The one I usually buy at Th/giving is 59 cents/lb. I doubt that I will b e able to use a $1 coupon for the next 5 months to buy a BB turkey that is double the price..
      Shame on you and yours. Meanwhile I hope that your Turkey was worth the hassle and
      the double cost.

      • me

        if the turkey you typically purchase is $0.70 cheaper, than a $5 rebate wouldnt have been much help anyway.

  • Donita Lindamood

    Cannot find the address to send the $5 rebate cupons. this whole thing is a STUPID idea and the guy who thought it up needs to be fired. No more Butterball stuff for me….the only Butterball is the brain of the guy that OK’d this.

  • this is the worst scam ever!! you cannot find this so called form anywhere. I hope you enjoy sending people on “wild goose” chases.

    • me

      contact butterball if you have an issue. ftm is just passing info along.

  • cathy

    This was a waste of time!
    Very misleading…there is no $5.00 by mail, only coupons.

    • Natalie

      Cathy, the title of the post reads “Get $5.00 Back in Coupons”..its pretty clear its coupons.

      • mamajan

        The newspaper ad says, “$5 by MAIL,” not “Get $5.00 back in Coupons.” Who goes to look at the website BEFORE buying the turkey? Wrong, Butterball.

      • mamajan

        The newspaper ad says, “$5 by MAIL,” not “Get $5.00 back in Coupons.” Then a very small mention of the $5 in coupons.Wrong, Butterball.

        • Erika M

          Perhaps you should try telling butterball then, not the readers of ftm. This is NOT the butterball website; if you want to complain, go to their site and do it. No need to shoot the messenger.

  • Anonymous

    Not funny!

    • Meryl

      Very misleading! They should be ashamed.

  • C fenton

    Need Butterball $5.00 rebate form, where do I find it?

    • Anonymous

      where do i get offer form

      • arlene`

        the LARGE PRINT says $5.00 by mail, then in the smaller print – it says $5.o0 in coupons. Very difficult to find the rebate offer, I was expecting a $5.00 rebate. Again, deceptive advertising by this company. Frankly, will probably not buy another butterball product. I’ll pocket the savings.

  • Jackie Stein

    where do I get the order form for the $5 rebate?

    • sandy gaither

      where do I get the $5 rebate form?

  • Lin

    I found the rebate form under http://www.butterball/coupons under the save $5 with reynolds wrap. No mention of buying reynolds wrap on this form.

    • Ernest Ritz

      This site is worse than the ACA. website. Where is the five dollar coupon!!!???

      • Barbara Presley

        okay this is the deal. I called Butterball the coupon in the Sunday paper for $ 5.00 REBATE IS NOT CASH . Go to butterball.com click on coupon on the foil rebate and print it off. send in the required receipts/ tag NO FOIL PURCHASES REQUIRED. THEY ARE JUST DOING REBATE IN $5.00 DOLLAR COUPONS IN $ 1.00 each. so YOU GET 5 one dollar coupons for any Butterball purchase for a limited time . SO THE AD/COUPON WAS MISS LEADING!!!! HOW EVER I DID SEND MINE BECAUSE I DO COUPONS!!!! GOOD LUCK LADYS.