$1.00 off Scott Bath Tissue (Any Size)

There is a $1.00 off Scott’s Tissue Coupon with NO size restrictions – which means you can pick up free toilet paper with this coupon. It is also good for Scott’s Paper Towels.

If the links don’t work,  go here, click on “Skip Intro” on the upper right,  scroll down, and click on “Get Special Savings”.

Thanks, Tressa

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  • Ionizer

    FYI, i confirmed my local CVS sells them for $1.39 a roll (ripoff) but for 39cents a roll, its not too bad… $4.68 for a 12 pack. considering shoprite has 12 pack on sale for $5.99, it’s “a little better”

  • Ionizer

    what’s the approx target price for a 4pack of these? I’m guessing it’s probably like $3-$3.99 so it’ll still be 50cents-$1.5 a pack (good price, but not free)

    anyone able to confirm if single rolls are at CVS and how much they are? CVS sometimes has issues with items being 89cents and giving them a $1 coupon

  • Ionizer

    yeah, doesn’t CVS sell single rolls of Scott for like 89cents or something?


  • Before I waste paper and ink can you tell me if this is good on ANY Scott TP or just the Extra Soft. Seems they don’t ever put out coupons for just the plain old TP anymore, and that’s unfortunate because that is what we prefer.

  • Feona

    well Target has the $1.50 coupon for 4 pack so that should make it cheap or free toilet paper.

  • Diane

    There is a Target coupon for $1.50 off 1 Scott tp. Good coupons to stack.

  • Jen T

    Do they have 2-ply? I bought it before on sale b/c I thought it was a good deal, but they only had 1-ply.

  • Linda

    I haven’t paid for toilet paper all summer :)). It’s awesome!

  • Pat

    I’ve never seen Scott toilet paper for only $1, now I have seen the paper towel for that price at Kroger a few times on sale.

    • Shannon


      It goes on sale all the time at CVS and Rite Aid.

      • Pat

        @Shannon, Great, we just got a CVS, have no Rite Aid. So far CVS hasn’t had it that cheap, but I’ll keep checking their ads. Thanks