Weis: Del Monte Catalina Update

A quick update on the Weis Del Monte Catalina:

As of today, the second $4.00 Weis Catalina is no longer printing.  If you missed this deal, you can still get  the $4.00 Del Monte oyno coupon.

Here is your deal with only the Del Monte Coupon:

Buy (9) Del Monte Canned Fruits or Vegtables $9.00
Pay $9.00 + tax
Get $4.00 oyno
$5.00 or $.55 each after oyno coupon

**NOTE: Please check your shelf prices – make sure you meet the requirements of the catalina – you can find details here.

Thanks to Crista, Paco and everyone else for commenting and letting us know.

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  • Rachel

    I did 5 transactions Wed night and both the Weis and DelMonte were printing. Went again this morning and did only 1 transaction since only the Weis was printing. Does DelMonte have to honor their advertised catalina on couponnetwork.com?

  • Janet

    There were two Del Monte’s one was a Weis Reward which is running until the 24th. The other was sponsored BY Del Monte as a Manufacturer coupon and it ended 9/21. The Weis flyer does not mention the Del Monte sponsored promo at all… only the Weis Rewards. That is the one that runs until the 24th.

  • Jami

    Bummer! I just got to the store yesterday for the first time and I was hoping to return today to do it again but I guess I didn’t move fast enough on this deal.

  • Kate

    My Weis had a lot; I don’t think there are many couponers here (I am pretty new). We won’t eat the stuff in heavy syrup or artificial sweetener but I did buy 8 cans of the mixed fruit in its own juice and got the $4 catalina (wish I went yesterday though! It would have been totally free).

    I may go tomorrow and get 8 more. The shelf price was $1.99 so I only needed to buy 8 to get the deal. $.50 each works for me.

  • dawn

    Thanks for posting this deal. With good prices on fresh fruit soon coming to an end of the season it was great to be able to stock up and a great price. I have three adopted children with special needs who can’t have artificial anything. So, I want to warn shoppers that the Del Monte “no sugar” has artificial sweetener. The 100% juice is all natural.

  • Holly

    I wish I would have read this to before my last round. Still not a bad deal.

  • They could have ended the Del Monte catalina early because of the amount people were buying. I am an employee at Weis Markets and we had customers at out store asking to order complete cases of the fruit, veggies and tomatoes. (1 case=24 cans). The special orders came in last night and people were there to ask about their orders. This is another example in my opinion of how a regular couponer like myself and many others cannot take advantage of deals like this just to roll a few times to get a few items in our cupboard instead of a year supply! As a matter of fact I work there 5 days a week and did not get a chance to even do it once because of shelf clearing. Thats all I am asking is that other people be fair in doing these deals so other customers can also save a little money.

    • Sarah Miller

      I agree with you Beth :( So sorry you did not get any deals ;( I went to two different stores and i think i did 4 or 5 transactions. I got the Weis coupon today but NOT the Delmonte but it was still a great deal :)

    • Sara

      The point of ordering cases extra is so that you don’t shelf clear, right? So those people actually did a good thing by not clearing the shelves (if that’s what they really did). I know Weis is usually good about ordering extra so there’s plenty for everyone. I did the fruit deal twice and was going to do the veggies and tomatoes but didn’t make it back – oh well I’m sure another deal will come along!


    I did it last night but I had to buy 10 and recieved a $2 Weis and a $2 Delmonte Catalina. Not too bad.

  • SherrieB

    I just went last night again for another round and it was working fine – so glad I was able to get in on the deal before it ended!! I did the deal 9 times (with tomatoes, fruit and veggies) and it will be a great blessing for the next few months!

  • Sarah Miller

    I just here to post this :( i tested it at two stores but 50cents a can for veggies is still a great deal (my store is $1.89 shelf price)!

    the offer is still posted on coupon network too though…http://www.couponnetwork.com/del-monte-coupon/33d693

    • Shannon

      that is the one that is printing right ? Its the Weis one that is not?

      • I just did it, I received the Weis catalina but not the Del Monte. Boy i wish there were Del Monte coupons out there! Still a great price for the fruit though!

        • Its wierd that the Del Monte didnt print for me, it says that the promo is running through the 24th

        • SherrieB

          that is strange, as it should be the Del Monte one that IS printing…

          • I just contacted Catalina Marketing and they said it would take 24 hours to verify the receipt, so who knows. Gonna try a different Weis, I have had problems at that one store not printing on shelf price before. I am still sour about my Edy’s deal not working!

      • Sarah Miller

        The Weis is working but the DelMonte is not, however I only had $15 worth of the shelf price…