Boyers Coupon Matchups | Week of 10/2

Boyer’s Food Markets Coupon Matchups 10/2

* I will be doing Boyer’s Food Markets Coupon Matchups on a trial basis.   I have had requests for this store in the past. I do want to mention, I do not shop this store, so I am not as familiar as I am with Giant, Weis, etc.

Hopefully, each week this thread will give Boyers shoppers a place to share and get ideas. This will be on a trial basis to see how many readers will/actually use the matchups.

Here are the Boyer Food Markets Matchups for the week of 10/2/11. You can check the Boyers Coupon Policy Here.




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  • Deb

    Thanks so much for again adding the Boyer’s match-ups. I’ve been couponing for a few months now & only just realized how important the match-ups are! LOL I LOVE shopping at Boyer’s, my closest grocery stores for their sales specials, double coupons, no need for savings cards, and fab service. Their main-stream products are usually higher than other chains, but their sales are right there with the other stores.
    Thanks again! :)

  • Andrea Jerome

    Thanks for the Boyer’s match-ups. They are the closest “real” grocery store to me and I really appreciate not having to scour the ad myself. They really do have better meat sales than the other stores as far as I’m concerned.

    • Shannon


      Hey I didnt know you were near there. I am really going to give it a go. I am trying to manage my time better and now that Natalie (my sister) is doing most of the instore scouting, I have some more time.

  • Deenie

    I’m so happy to see you doing match-ups for Boyer’s. I shop there frequently. They often have 10 for 10 deals, and frequent meat sales. Thank you so much for saving me money. Thanks again for providing the information I need to get the best deals.

  • Missy

    Just wanted to say that I am fairly new to couponing but very happy to see Boyer’s on here. I live in a very small town in PA with not much around so I shop at Boyer’s weekly. I did my 1st couponing trip with them today and saved just shy of $37.00. They have alot of 5/$5 deals and double coupons which means you get the items for almost nothing. Thank you

    • Shannon

      Missy, I am going to have to try a trip to Boyers. Its really not that far from me.

  • D

    Wow – so happy to see this! Thanks for all you do, Shannon. I’ve saved SOOO much money in the past 2 years thanks to this site!

    • Shannon

      D thanks for being a loyal reader! Its funny, I cannot believe I have been writing this blog for over 3 years now and still have so many readers from way back!

  • Jeremy

    Very very excited to see this. I shop Boyers in Berwick, PA all the time… very small store but has some great deals week in and week out. Thanks Shannon for giving this a try

  • Anthony

    On there home page “Our weekly ad is online” open current Ad and on the right “view next weeks ad” they post it every Sunday. Unfortunately we cant do it with the monthly ad.

  • Anthony

    Thank you for this matchup! Hope to see boyers every week. Double coupons up to a dollar no limit. They also have monthly deals on there website, also the ability to see whats on sale the week ahead.

    • Shannon


      I need to get up to date on their info. So you can see the ad in advance? That is cool!

      • John


        Yes, you can go to their website and see this week’s ad, along with next week’s ad. You can also see the monthly sales ad online as well. They tend to have a 10 for 10 ad once a month or so. I am very happy that you are trying Boyer’s on a trial basis. Maybe you should do a poll to see the level of interest in Boyer’s matchups. I am definitely interested.

        • Shannon

          John, How are you! Hope you are well. I am going to give it a shot! I will be reading over the coupon policy and familiarizing myself this week. Thanks for the feedback>