Homemade Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Homemade Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream 

A few weeks ago, I was reading a “well known” brand of ice cream’s ingredients. For years, this brand touted that it was just milk, cream
and sugar. I was highly disappointed when I learned that the product was no longer called ice cream, was now called Frozen Dairy Dessert.
I struggled to figure out what Frozen Dairy Dessert was. I later learned that Frozen Dairy Dessert is what they call something that doesn’t have enough milk or cream to be called ice cream.

I decided that if I couldn’t buy my husband’s favorite – Cherry Vanilla, I would have to make it. Turns out – it’s actually pretty easy. I bought a cusinart ice cream maker and adapted the recipe in their book to fit our needs.

You can add almost anything you want to the basic vanilla recipe.

Click here to see the entire Homemade Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe.

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  • Magnus Thunderson

    no recipe on the link

    • Debbie

      Sorry this is a really old post and it looks like the original recipe was removed.

  • anniemoxie

    this is so great. I have to try this again. Now we can all try the cherry-banana. It tastes awesome but you have to know which bananas to buy

  • Looks yummy! Have to try it out. It’s great that it does not use eggs, cos doc says my hubby is allergic to eggs (pretty weird, right?).


  • Amy

    still waiting for my adoption papers to come in the mail lol

  • We use coconut milk, frozen organic dark cherries from Costco, sugar or agave, and toasted slivered almonds. Nom nom!

  • Sarah

    I make my own ice cream b/c of this whole “frozen dairy dessert” debacle.

  • Love to know how the peaches turn out!

  • Thank you! Our ice cream churn bit the dust a couple of years ago. My husband won one at an event a couple of weeks ago. I have made it in the past using maraschino jarred cherries and my kids liked it. Been looking for recipes that do not include eggs. Will be happy to try your recipe. I have some ripe Georgia Peaches – I can use those, too :)

  • jenny

    I love cherry vanilla, too, but I grew up with the kind Giant used to make, with maraschino cherries. They took that flavor off for a few years and I was so disappointed that when they brought it back, it was different. I make my homemade cherry vanilla with maraschinos. SO good! Try it that way?

  • Holly

    WHYYYYY are these companies taking something that was good, and messing it up?

    • Shannon

      I wish I knew, but I did hear that Edy is going to stop making the Frozen Dairy Desserts!

      • anniemoxie


  • Amy

    Is that an official invite? Lol

  • Amy Eshleman – you live close enough to come for dinner :P

  • Kara

    Looks good! I like that it doesn’t have eggs in it..that always freaks me out.

  • Amy

    Can you adopt me? lol

  • Amanda

    Looks yummmmyyy!

  • YUMM