Homemade Caramel Corn Recipe


Homemade Caramel Corn Recipe

One of my favorite things “down the shore” is caramel corn on the boardwalk.  {If you are from the NJ/PA area, you will totally understand what “down the shore” means, if it not, it means at the beach}.

I asked Mystery Husband to recreate the popcorn at home. He found an awesome recipe from AllRecipes that he tweaked slightly. It was so yummy, that this recipe has become a a regular treat in our house.


  1. Lee

    thank you, I tried a recipe similar to this years ago and lost it. I think this might be the one. If it is, its great. Thanks

  2. Julie

    Is it as good as Johnson’s Popcorn??

  3. Can Mystery Husband come on over here and make me some?? I am starving!!

  4. Grace

    Thanks…you just made me drool over caramel popcorn. Like finishing a whole bag of Kettle Corn from the fair was not enough. :( ughh… summer is the worst if you want to lose a few lbs. Fairs, boardwalk, all these “free” veggies/fruits from the garden. Ok I am going for a run now so I can make this later :)

  5. Karissa Seim

    sounds good…but, why is he a mystery husband?

    • Shannon

      he he Karissa, my husband is VERY weird about me writing about him.. so I have always called him Mystery Husband on here.

  6. Amanda

    I have an even easier version for when you want it fast.

    1/2 cup air popped corn

    2 T butter
    2T syrup (even Log Cabin works)
    2T brown sugar
    splash vanilla

    Microwave mixture until melted, about 1 minute

    Pour everything into a brown paper bag (like from the grocery) and shake.

    put in microwave for 2 minutes
    repeat 2 more times


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