Free Kindle Books: The Leopard Tree, Ballet Flats And More

Kindle July 21 1

What’s not to love about ballet flats? Effortless style, and comfort all rolled into one.
My ballet flats pattern is designed for casual wear indoors, but can be just as easily adapted for wearing outside by using a more robust fiber for the base, such as jute.
The ballet flats look stylish using two colors, but also look sophisticated in a single color – the choice is yours.

Download: Ballet Flats – Quick and Easy Crochet Pattern by Sarah Taylor


Kindle July 21 2

If the act of baking a fresh loaf of homemade bread frightens you, or if you’ve never been able to replicate a bread recipe, this book is for you. The Modern Girls’ Guide to Bread Baking takes the mystery out of this timeless practice by shedding light on all the nuances of bread baking, helping you create that perfect loaf even your mother-in-law will be jealous over.

Download: The Modern Girls’ Guide to Bread Baking by Heather Wilson-Smith


Kindle July 21 3

Three orphans from Kenya stow away on an airplane to embark on a desperate quest to meet the Secretary General of the United Nations in New York City and deliver a message they hope will help millions of homeless and hurting children in Africa. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz becomes their guidebook as they journey alone across the United States. The trio–one with HIV, one blind amputee, and one who hasn’t spoken for years after watching her family slaughtered–find themselves embroiled in a situation beyond their imaginations as they get close to meeting their goal.

Download: The Leopard Tree by Tim Merriman


Kindle July 21 4

Imagine coming home from work to find that your children have spray painted a giant, colorful portrait of a crouching, pooping dog on your driveway. Or a family argument that takes place in the comments section of one of your Facebook friends posts.
The How-Not-To Guide To Parenting and Marriage is a collection of humorous short stories written by a well-intentioned, but definitely far from perfect father and husband. These tales of triumph and woe offer a hilarious, and certainly unique perspective on the parenting and marriage war front.

Download:  The How-Not-To Guide To Parenting And Marriage by Jon Ziegler


Kindle July 21 5

“Folktales on Stage” is a collection of reader’s theater scripts for young readers, adapted by award-winning children’s author Aaron Shepard from his own folktale retellings. A wide variety of countries and cultures is represented, including Native America, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Southeast Asia, and China. While aiming mostly at ages 8 to 15, the collection features a full range of reading levels.

Download: Folktales on Stage: Children’s Plays for Reader’s Theatre by Aaron Shepard


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Lazy Saturday Reads: Savannah, A Heartbeat Away And More Reads

The time you enjoy wasting is not a wasted time.

Here are some Lazy Saturday Reads:

Saturday Read 1

The eagerly awaited new book in popular author Portia Perotti’s’ contemporary romance Holiday Romances series.

Download: All the Little Things (The Holiday Romance Series) by Portia Perotti

Saturday Read 2

Something happened to MICHAEL EASTON when he was a child. Something so terrifying it became a recurring nightmare. A nightmare that holds within it the seeds of his own destruction. A nightmare he thought he’d left far behind him. But it was waiting. Buried deep in his subconscious. Waiting to emerge when the time was right, and compel him to destroy everything he cares about.

Download: Savannah by Perry Martin


Saturday Read 3

When a band of runaway slaves brings Union-loyal Beth Bumgartner a wounded Confederate soldier named Joe, it is the catalyst that pushes her to defy her pacifist parents and become a nurse during the Battle of Antietam

Her mother’s mysterious goodbye gift is filled with quilt blocks that bring comfort to Beth during the hard days and lonely nights, but as she sews each block, she realizes there is a hidden message of faith within the pattern that encourages and sustains her. Reunited with Joe, Beth learns his secret and puts the quilt’s message to its greatest test—but can betrayal be forgiven?

Download: A Heartbeat Away: Quilts of Love Series by S. Dionne Moore


Saturday Read 4

From the best-selling author of Crossing Oceans comes a heartrending yet uplifting story of friendship and redemption. On the cusp of adulthood, eighteen-year-old Penny Carson is swept off her feet by a handsome farmhand with a confident swagger. Though Trent Taylor seems like Prince Charming and offers an escape from her one-stop-sign town, Penny’s happily-ever-after lasts no longer than their breakneck courtship. Before the ink even dries on their marriage certificate, he hits her for the first time. It isn’t the last, yet the bruises that can’t be seen are the most painful of all.

Download: Wings of Glass by Gina Holmes


Saturday Read 5

Sergeant Lance Smith lost his men in Afghanistan, lost his wife to divorce, and came home to an empty life. He expected to come home with his best friend, Jared. That didn’t happen either. There is one thing he needs to do. He’d promised Jared he would visit his sister if anything happened to him. It doesn’t seem like much, but Lance needs something to keep him moving forward. He just needs to track her down first.

Download: In A Field of Oranges by Kristen James

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Kohls: Evenflo Convertible High Chairs $28.27

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 10.03.38 AMAre you have fun yet with the Kohl’s deals?

If you need a high chair or have a baby shower coming up, you can score  a nice deal on the Evenflo High Chair for $28.27!   You will need a Kohls Charge to complete this deal. However, you can score a decent price without the card!

Cardholder scenario:

Buy 1 Evenflo Convertible 3-in-1 High Chair $49.99
Buy 1 Gerber Graduates 4-pk. Sippin’ Spoons by Nuk $3.99
At Checkout, Apply these codes:
Code BEACH30
$28.27 after coupons

Non-cardholder scenario:

Your final price will be as low as $34.13

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Kohls: HOT Deal on NutriBullet Extractor & Blender Set

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 9.47.26 AM

Whoa, another sweet deal at Kohls. If you are in the market for a Nutri-Bullet, you can score a Nutri-Bullet for as low as $45.49 with free shipping! I would seriously consider buying this and putting it away for a Christmas gift!

Here is how you get the deal for Cardholders:

  • Final price will be $45.49  with free shipping

Non-cardholder scenario:


  • Final price will be $55.24  with free shipping
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Free Kindle Books: Wings of Glass, The Sounds OF Cricket And More

Kindle July 17 1
Four women who have never met …
Four lives inextricably joined …
Four friendships that will last forever …
Told in the medium of their blog posts and emails to each other, The Sound of Crickets is a touching novel of friendship in the digital age.

Download: The Sound of Crickets by Marissa Farrar


Kindle July 17 2

From the best-selling author of Crossing Oceans comes a heartrending yet uplifting story of friendship and redemption. On the cusp of adulthood, eighteen-year-old Penny Carson is swept off her feet by a handsome farmhand with a confident swagger. Though Trent Taylor seems like Prince Charming and offers an escape from her one-stop-sign town, Penny’s happily-ever-after lasts no longer than their breakneck courtship. Before the ink even dries on their marriage certificate, he hits her for the first time. It isn’t the last, yet the bruises that can’t be seen are the most painful of all.

Download: Wings of Glass by Gina Holmes


Kindle July 17 3

I‘m a chicken you can trust, so you can believe me when I recommend this children’s picture book to all hens and their people. The acrylic paintings are very chickeny, full of watery color, and in your face good, especially the ones of me.

Download: Chickens In Birthday Suits by Nancy Mauerman


Kindle July 17 4


In the world of Gertrude Charmaine Beasley, exists the soft-spoken, black-sheep daughter in law, Becky Beasley, married to the not-quite-celebrated son, Matthew. In order to shape Becky into the daughter-in-law she favors (Denise), Gertrude imparts her wisdom, suggestions, and thinly veiled insults through the passive-aggressive art form of letter writing.

Download: Letters from a Monster-in-Law by K Guest


Kindle July 17 5

Dying for Rome: Lucretia’s Tale retells the historic story of the tragic girl whose death inspired the men of Rome to rise up against a tyrant king and establish the Roman Republic. Was she a victim or a champion? A pawn in political schemes or the catalyst for rebellion? In this vivid short story, Lucretia’s character is explored to reveal a tender portrait of a young girl misused by men who transforms into a woman with a passion for justice.

Download: Dying for Rome: Lucretia’s Tale by Elisabeth Storrs

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Free Kindle Books: The Absorbent Mind, Homemade Soap Making And More!

Kindle July 16 1

In response to the crisis in American education, more than five thousand public and private schools across the nation have adopted the timeless Montessori Method of teaching, of which this book is the cornerstone. Written by the women whose name is synonymous worldwide with child development theory, The Absorbent Mind takes its title from the phrase that the inspired Italian doctor coined to characterize the child’s most crucial developmental stage: the first six years.

Download: The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori


Kindle July 16 2

CRAFT CLASSICS COMPANION is part shopping list – itemizing the supplies and equipment needed to complete the craft projects included in CRAFT CLASSICS. Even if you haven’t downloaded CRAFT CLASSICS and don’t intend to, CRAFT CLASSICS COMPANION is a resource for parents, teachers, baby sitters and scout leaders, to help them assemble a complete crafting toolbox.

Download: Craft Classics Companion by Bobbi Ann Johnson Holmes


Kindle July 16 3
In the Autoimmune Cookbook, I’ll show you recipes that are easy to make and won’t leave you stuck in the kitchen for hours on end. They’re 100% Autoimmune Paleo compliant. And – best of all – they’re delicious and have been taste-tested over and over again.
Kindle July 16 4
This book provides an insight into this memory game. By reading this book, you will get to understand some simple strategies, processes, nutritional guidelines and exercises that will enable you to dramatically elevate your memory and keep your brain functioning at its peak levels.
Kindle July 16 5
In today’s modern World where we are bombarded at every turn with chemicals, additives and preservatives, it can be a welcome relief to find beauty products that are completely natural and organic.In “Homemade Soap Making” you will find a step by step guide to making your own soap and body scrub recipes, that are super effective, super easy, and super cheap to make.
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Amazon Deal of the Day: 63% Off on Garbage Disposer

amazon deal_garbage disposer

Amazon Deal – Garbage Disposer

Nor your neighbors won’t be bothered when your garbage disposal is at work. The InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1-HP Garbage Disposer disposer features a SoundSeal Technology for ultra-quiet performance versus a standard disposer. It also has a 7-year in-home limited warranty. It’s three grind stages quickly grind virtually any food waste.

With the Amazon Deal of the Day, you can get it for just $232 instead of $625. This means you save an awesome 63%!

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Free 6-Month Amazon Prime Membership {For Students}

Amazon Prime


Free 6-Month Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon is offering a Free 6-Month Amazon Prime Membership for college students!

With this membership, you’ll get a lot of perks, such as Free 2-Day Shipping on millions of items, Free $10 credit for referring a friend!

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Lazy Saturday Reads – The Chocolate Rose, The Falcon And The Sparrow And More Reads

Lazy Sat Reads 1
USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author Marie Ferrarella is releasing her three hard-to-find women’s contemporary novels written in the tradition of Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts and Debbie Macomber.  Finally available again, these heart-tugging stories explore the tangled emotional lives of three women.
Lazy Sat Reads 2
Now, in the third book in the Amour et Chocolat series, a book USA Today calls “so romantic and sexy”, Florand takes us from Paris to summer in Provence, for the steamy encounter between top chef Gabriel Delange and the daughter of his worst enemy, Jolie Manon. Hot-tempered Gabriel isn’t above blackmail to get what he wants, but what he wants might very well be Jolie herself. Because in the heat and sun of Provence, where jasmine and roses climb up old colored walls and fountains play in ancient stone villages, even a beast can prove he is a prince at heart .
Lazy Sat Reads 3
Against the European upheaval of the Napoleonic wars, a young timid lady becomes entangled in a web of intrigue. Forced to betray her own country or watch her brother die, Dominique Dawson, arrives at the London home of Admiral Randal as a governess for his son, but her real purpose is to steal valuable Admiralty documents for the French. She soon discovers, however, that she faces more enemies besides her own fear. Will Dominique find the strength she needs in God to risk the gallows and save her brother? But will it be enough to betray the man she has come to love?
Lazy Sat Reads 4
Eric can’t remember the recurring dream that keeps waking him in the middle of the night with an overwhelming urge to leave, yet he spends each day feeling as if he desperately needs to be somewhere. With no idea how to cure himself of this odd compulsion, he decides to let it take its course and go for a drive, hoping that once he proves to himself that there is nowhere to go, he can return to his normal life. Instead, he finds himself hurled headlong into a nightmare adventure across a fractured Wisconsin as the dream reveals itself one heart-pounding detail at a time.
Lazy Sat Reads 5
The Shakespeare women were what the locals of Greenwich Village called “gifted.”
They did tarot readings and cast spells from their infamous shop Second Site. And each morning, Rowie would perform her popular weather prediction on the pavement outside.
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Amazon: Save 71% on RevJams Headphones with In-line Microphone

Amazon Deal

Save 71% on RevJams Xec On Ear HD Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with In-line Microphone for just $19.99 (orig price: $69.99) at Amazon.

These wireless headphones allow you to move freely within a 30 ft range from your device.

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