Just Dance 4 $19.99 {Amazon Moms}

Here is a HOT Deal on Just Dance 4 from Amazon.  Just Dance 4 is priced at $29.99, but you can get $10.00 off with coupon code DANCEMOM if you are a member of Amazon Moms. (If you aren’t a member, you can get a 3 month trial of the program free – just check out this post here.)

Just Dance Disney and Just Dance 4 on all platforms are $10 off from 12/10-12/31 for all Amazon Mom Members. Simply use the Promotion Code: DANCEMOM at checkout. Promotion only valid on items sold and shipped by Amazon. Promotion code only valid once per customer.

Check out: Just Dance 4 

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  • Maribeth

    I just spoke to an Amazon rep and they said they know it is not working and that there will be another email sent out within 24 hours with another code. Could you please post it if you get it? Because I am new to Amazon Mom and concerned that I won’t get it.

  • jessa

    they must have updated it—just worked for me, and there is a line on the product page advertising this deal. Woo hoo! Going to return the one I bought last week for $40!

  • Sara Jouadi

    Did not work for me either. Promo code invalid…

  • Lisa

    This offer is NOT working for me. Trying to work it out with an Amazon rep. Apparently this is not a valid promo code and they pulled it after getting a slew of orders.

    • For the Mommas


      Well unless their emails and site promote non valid promo codes.. something is wrong. This is DIRECTLY ON AMAZON and it is also in the Amazon email for Amazon Moms.


      • Alycia

        Can you give me a link to this promo? Was it in an email or on the site? This is what amazons customer service told me “Roselle:Oh, I see. I’m so sorry about this Alycia. Unfortunately, I don;t have enough resources to verify that information. In this case, what I can do right now for you is to escalate this concetn to our Marketing and Promotions team. I will send them an email right now.
        WOuld that help?”